Sharefest 2016!

Hi Lighthouse!

I am a teacher at Valor Christian Academy and a member of Lighthouse, and it seems that every year that I take part in Sharefest, I come to appreciate it more–not because I like having Chik-Fil-A for lunch or doughnuts for breakfast, but because it underscores the humble and cooperative spirit that characterizes this special day.

Gwen getting her Chik-Fil-A!

I am humbled that up to two hundred participants chose to give up their Saturday morning to clean, paint and beautify our school. These tasks were not glamorous. Volunteers cleaned the refrigerator, disinfected toys, removed cobwebs, and bleached sinks—and that’s just one part of the school. In other parts of the school, they painted the fence and hallway poles as well as put up a beautiful mural.

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It wasn’t just the things were accomplished that blessed me, but it was also the spirit of cooperation that volunteers brought with them. Families, senior citizens, college students, friends came out to help our little school from Valor, Lighthouse, AACF Irvine, AACF UCLA and Central Truth Fellowship. It’s not often I get to be with such a diverse group of people to work together for a common purpose!
I want to thank Steve Park and Eufemio Magsombol for generously giving up their time to coordinate this event. Thank you also for those who came out to Valor; our school looks great thanks to your hard work. See you next year!

(photo credit – Erica Ko)