Recommended Resources: Stewardship – Living in Light of Eternity

Hey Lighthouse!

We hope this past Sunday’s sermon was a blessing. As Pastor Kim shared, “Faithful stewardship is living for the Glory of God and investing your life in the Purposes of God.” In thinking of how to steward the lives God has given us well, we want to recommend two books that have been particularly helpful for some members of the staff.

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

An excerpt:

“I hope reading this book will convince you of osmething: that by surrendering yourself totally to God’s purposes, He will bring you the most pleasure in this life and the next. I hope it affirms your desire for “more God” – even if you are surrounded by people who feel they have “enough God”. I hope it inspires confidence if you have questioned or doubted the commitment of the American church. I want to affirm your questioning, even while assuring you there is hope…”

In Light of Eternity by Randy Alcorn

An excerpt:

“Our problem isn’t that we lack passion in general. We all have it – look at the way we stand up and cheer at sporting events (Nanci and I do anyway.) The problem is that we get most passionate about things that don’t ultimately matter – the perfect season, the perfect house, the perfect lawn, the perfect car. None of these is bad … our problem is that the good things fueling our passion are only secondary, while we lack passion for what’s primary. To derail us, all Stan needs to do is minimize our passion for two things: the person of God and the place of God.”

Both books will be available for puchase this Sunday at the Welcome Desk!