Recommended Resources: September 21, 2020


Denying Yourself Is Loving Yourself

We might be tempted to believe that denying ourselves is the opposite of loving ourselves. Yet the Bible often flips our assumptions on their head and shows us a surprising but better way.

How Shall I Love My Neighbor? By Keeping the Law!

To return to a similar point from Sunday’s message, the love of God and the command to love are not in contradiction. This article reveals how obedience to God’s law enables, guides, and strengthens our call to love one another.

No Hand But His Ever Holds the Shears

Part of being comforted when we are painfully pruned by God is knowing who does the pruning. God intends for us to thrive and bear fruit. Sometimes this can only be accomplished as we are refined through our trials.

What Are We Arguing About?

Contentious times call for tact and wisdom on the real issues at stake. Kevin DeYoung’s article offers some suggestions for the recent events and discerning where disagreements truly lie.

Christian, be a Peacemaker

Being a peacemaker is about being like Christ. It is a trait we need to be working on and cultivating in our lives. The author points to a few areas where we can represent our Lord and Savior well in this.

10 Bible Passages That Help Us Persevere

What’s encouraging about this article is the simple testimonies of people who have been edified and blessed from Scripture. It shows us the Word is sufficient and powerful to sustain us if we would meditate on it.

How the Psalms Teach Us Contentment

Along similar veins as the previous resource, this one considers how contentment is found nowhere else, but in God. The Psalms express real people in their real quest for satisfaction found only in a real relationship with God.



Your Will Be Done // Lighthouse Community Church

We introduced this new song to our church two Sundays ago. Here it is so you can put it on repeat and be encouraged to seek God’s will in your life.

Psalm 136 (Your Mercy Endures) [feat. Leslie Jordan of All Sons & Daughters]

Our God is always worthy of praise, because He is always good. Let our gratitude help us endure in all circumstances.



Bible Talk by 9Marks

9Marks started a new podcast called Bible Talk which essentially does just that. Give it a listen if you’re interested in hearing how seminary professors and Bible teachers read and walk through the Scriptures.

Theological Essays

Want essays on theology? These should keep you busy for a while. May your readings not only sharpen your mind, but quicken your heart to love God and others.

A Conversation with Makoto Fujimura on Art and Beauty

For the artsy, this interview explores thoughts and principles behind Makoto Fuimura’s art. He’s the artist behind the Four Holy Gospels.

Money Motivates Me to Work Hard — Is That Okay?

John Piper provides some good counsel to a prevalent issue. Money is not inherently bad, but like good gifts in life, we need to understand its proper place.