Recommended Resources: October 26, 2020

Book Recommendation from a Pastor
“From Pride to Humility by Stuart Scott”
Recommendation by Pastor Wayne Hu

One of the greatest ways we can grow as a Christian is to grow in humility. Without humility, we cannot come to God, we cannot love God supremely, we cannot love and serve others genuinely, we cannot resolve conflict fully, we cannot resist our sin effectively, and ultimately we cannot become like Christ. One of the most helpful resources in this area is Stuart Scott’s “From Pride to Humility.” Not only does it describe helpful definitions of what pride and humility are but it also provides very practical ways to identify pride in one’s life. With key quotes from other resources, Scripture references, and heart questions to reflect upon, this 30 page pamphlet is a springboard for much genuine spiritual growth and is worth revisiting again and again in different seasons of life.

Here are some quotes from the book:

  • “Pride is the epidemic vice. It is everywhere and manifests itself in many ways. As much as we may hate to admit it, we all have pride, each and every one of us. The question is not, “Do I have it?” but, “Where is it?” and “How much of it do I have?” (2).
  • “A humble person understands the sinfulness of his own heart. He would never see himself better than others. This is true no matter who the other person is. He understands that he, in and of himself, is capable of the worst sin. He agrees with John Bradford who said, ‘but for the grace of God, there I go’ (Romans 12:16; Ephesians 3:8)” (19).
  • “It takes humility to learn humility. That initial humbling of one’s self is a response to the work of the Spirit of God. Once we have rightly humbled ourselves before God there are things that we can do (by God’s grace) to stay humble” (23).
  • “Pride does not die once, but it must die daily. The Puritan pastor, Thomas Brooks, admonished us well when he said, ‘Get humble and keep humble’” (25).



The Bible Is a Big Book with Lots of Words

Instead of sound bites and Christian cliches, let’s immerse ourselves in the Word until it nourishes our souls and infiltrates every corner of our lives. God speaks to us through Scripture.

God Wants You to Call Him “My Father”

What a joy to know we can have a personal relationship with our Creator and Savior. It is one that is so intimate we can address Him as Father. May this sweeten the rhythms of grace (reading, praying, etc.) in our lives.

Policies, Persons, and Paths to Ruin: Pondering the Implications of the 2020 Election

You might have a quibble or strongly disagree with where Piper lands. Nevertheless, he raises matters worthy of consideration as election day approaches. Let us remember we are citizens of heaven and representatives of Christ.

How Does My Faith in Jesus Connect with My Work Life?

It is easy to compartmentalize our lives and miss how we can honor God in all aspects. This article has us examine the doctrine of vocation and how God works in and through our lives, including our work.

3 Observations about Heaven

Jonathan Edwards was renowned for his sharp mind and deep meditations. Here’s a condensed version of some of his insights into heaven. May it encourage your heart for what’s to come and place your hope in the God of heaven and earth.

The Influenced Will Be Like the Influencer

We are aware of guarding our hearts, but are we also watchful of who or what we are watching? It has often been said we become what we behold. In a day and age where information and influencers are not scarce, let’s strive all the more to look to Christ and those who will point us to Him.



The Gray Havens – This My Soul // Autumn Sessions (Official Audio)

The lyrics of this song tell a captivating story. The Gray Havens released a new version of “This My Soul.”

Psalm 150 (Praise the Lord) LIVE – Matt Boswell, Matt Papa

Here’s another one this week. A new song based off of Psalm 150 and the call to praise the LORD.



Explore God’s Unfolding Plan of Redemption

Read an excerpt of a book that walks us through the main story of the Bible. This can be a beneficial aid in understanding the major themes and overall plan that God has in human history towards a final redemption.

Natural History Museum: Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Here are some amazing pictures of God’s creation. May this encourage you to appreciate the beauty and creativity of our good God.