Recommended Resources: October 19, 2020

Book Recommendation from a Pastor

“Missions: How the Local Church Goes Global,” by Andy Johnson

Recommendation by Pastor Gavin Kajikawa


As our church family focuses on evangelism for the month of October, I’d like to recommend “Missions: How the Local Church Goes Global,” by Andy Johnson. What I appreciate about the book is the focus on the local church holding to biblical truths in teaching, preparing, sending, and supporting missionaries around the world to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here is a paragraph that will give you a sense of how missions can look different when a local church cherishes the gospel leading to the mission of making disciples a whole church endeavor.

“Imagine a local church where the congregation’s mission to the nations is clear and agreed upon. Elders guide the congregation toward strategic missions. Missions is held up as a concern for all Christians, not just the niche ‘missions club.’ The tyranny of new trends and demands for immediate, visible results holds no sway. Members see missions as the work of the church together rather than the personal, private activity of the individual. In this church, members see missions as a core ministry of the church, not an occasional short-term project. Relationships with missionaries are deep, serious, and lasting. Joyful giving to missions is a basic part of the church’s budget, not merely the fruit of occasional and desperate appeals. And members actually value missions enough that some want to uproot their lives and be sent out long-term by the church.” (19)

This book is short, but is biblically based in providing definitions for missions, talking about missionary care, organizing the sending church, having God honoring partnerships, short-term missions, and how to do missions here in America.

I’ll end with a quote from Andy Johnson, “We should have confidence because we know the mission will not fail. We may fail in our faithfulness, but God will not fail in his mission. Christ will have the nations for his inheritance” (120).



Starting the Morning Satisfied

So much information these days. So much confusion. Before we lend our ears to all other voices, let us prepare our hearts for the day by setting ourselves upon Christ.

If You Don’t See Beauty, Do You Really Know God As Well As You Thought?

God is creative and beautiful. His creation recognizes and testifies to this. Consider His goodness and wisdom in creation and then join in to praise God for the wonderful works of His hands. 

The Absurdity of Pride

Pride strikes at what it means to be created in the image of God. We forget how we are dependent upon our Maker and accountable to Him. Jesus Christ shows us a better way.

Don’t Quarrel Over Opinions But Welcome One Another

These days, unity is a forgotten essential. As the church, we can testify to the power of the good news by how we love each other, show grace, and strive for gospel unity before a contentious world.

Do Not Trust Your Anger

Let’s not be quick to validate our anger, but inspect and measure it against the Scriptures. We can trace it back to our hearts that we might grow in Christlikeness.

Seize the Day’s Interruptions

If we believe and trust in God’s sovereignty, then interruptions and unplanned events are divinely ordained that we might honor Christ with these opportunities. Love can be inconvenient and messy, but those are the moments it can be more evidently from God.

3 Ways to Survive and Thrive in a Presidential Election Season

These are good principles to keep in mind and apply throughout the election season and beyond. As Christians, we should be distinct in how we view, talk, and participate in politics.



Psalm Songs, Vol. 2

Here’s another album centered on the Psalms. I can’t think of many things better than singing Scripture as a way to meditate and memorize God’s Word.

Promises (feat. Joe L Barnes & Naomi Raine) – Maverick City | TRIBL

A constant theme we see and read in the Bible is God’s faithfulness. What’s true from ages past still holds true today. Through tumultuous times, we can cling to God’s faithfulness to keep His promises for His people.

Phil Wickham – Battle Belongs

Phil Wckham recently released a new single calling us to fight our battles by relying upon the Lord through prayer. May it encourage you as you praise to also pray.



Episode 146: On Preparing for a Tough Political Season (Part 2)

Listen in as two pastors discuss how to navigate through a difficult political season. Here’s part 1. Most of all, don’t forget to tune in to our church’s seminar on this topic tonight at 8pm.

One Minute Apologetics

The Gospel Coalition has been releasing a video series where Christian leaders offer concise apologetic answers to common questions.