Recommended Resources: October 12, 2020

Book Recommendation from a Pastor

How the Nations Rage: Rethinking Faith and Politics in a Divided Age by Jonathan Leeman

Recommendation by Pastor Kim Kira

For this week’s book recommendation, I wanted to commend to you, “How The Nations Rage: Rethinking Faith and Politics in A Divided Age” by Jonathan Leeman. It is a book I recommended in one of the recent sermons on politics and though I don’t think you will agree with every conclusion he comes to, I really appreciated his thoughtful, measured approach to politics. The point of the book isn’t to argue for a certain party) but to give us a theological framework to think through politics and our interactions in a politically divisive culture. Here are some quotes I thought were helpful:

  • Church and state are distinct God-given institutions, and they must remain separate. But every church is political all the way down and all the way through. And every government is a deeply religious battleground of gods. No one separates their politics and religion—not the Christian, not the agnostic, not the secular progressive. It’s impossible. (13)
  • The existence of hell is one of the most difficult things in the Bible to believe. Yet the path to political peace, harmony, and wholeness begins with the acknowledgement that we deserve hell. Until we do, we will continue to assert our right to rule. And as you assert your right and I assert mine, we cannot help but clash. “Give me the steering wheel.” “No, give me the steering wheel.” (58)
  • If you want an outwardly engaged church, you must continually emphasize the fact that the church’s upward engagement, not its outward engagement, is ultimate. (159)
  • One sign that you identify more with your ideological tribe than you do with Jesus is that you cannot hear what’s good when it comes from another tribe. (182)



Steady as the Seasons Change

Have you traced creation back to the Creator? As we enter fall, let the cyclic nature of seasons remind you of God’s faithfulness and sovereignty.

We Look to Him

Simple and straightforward, set your gaze on Christ. So many things today can distract or cloud our vision to Christ, but look to Him as your source of hope, strength, and confidence.

You Can Lead Family Worship: Common Hurdles Fathers Can Overcome

The thought of conducting family worship may seem overwhelming, but may this article encourage you to establish this practice in your household. Consistency is key in cultivating a culture to love God and one another.

Parents, the Little Moments Matter Most

On the topic of consistency, let’s not overlook the impact of the little moments. In some ways, these opportunities are a better reflection of our relationship and our heart for our children.

God and Government

As a follow up to our mini-series on government, Kevin DeYoung offers some shrewd thoughts on the topic. There’s much to weigh and consider as the election approaches. 

How to Pray When You’re Feeling Anxious

A longer article, but a timely one that calls us to marshal our anxiety as motivation to pray. The author closes with some practical helps for fostering a heart with a propensity towards God through prayer.

Should We Expect Our Jobs to Make Us Happy?

How are we to rightly view our jobs as Christians? Work is a gift from God for His worship and we can derive a level of happiness from it, but it was never intended to sustain or satisfy our souls.



O Come, All You Unfaithful

Is it too early for Christmas music? In light of the gift of Christ, “this video contains people who are processing “O Come, All You Unfaithful,” most of them for the first time, in light of their own experiences. A stillborn child. A strained marriage. Feelings of shame. Legalism. Loss. Loneliness. Or simply having a heart that weeps with those who weep.”

Patient Kingdom – Sandra McCracken

The title song from Sandra McCracken’s new album, we are encouraged to long for God’s kingdom. God’s timing and plan is perfect, so we can be freed to be faithful.

Nothing Compares – The Village Church Worship

A song that casts our attention and affection upon Christ. Praise God, the One through whom all things are created and sustained is also the One who dies for sinners and is worthy of praise. None can compare to Him.



Luther: The Life and Legacy of the German Reformer (Full Documentary)

October is Reformation month and, for a limited time, Ligonier Ministries has made this documentary free. This might be a useful resource to not only encourage your heart, but as an evangelistic tool. Watch it with someone.

The Children’s Series You Should Start Reading in 2020

The latest book in the Wingfeather saga was recently published. Though geared towards children and teenagers, this series is still a riveting read for all. Here’s an interview with the author to persuade you to read.