Recommended Resources: November 2, 2020

Book Recommendation from a Pastor
“Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands,” Paul Tripp
Recommendation by Pastor Tim St. John

What has been the focus of your relationships lately? How often do you think about how to build up a fellow brother or sister in Christ? The writer of Hebrews says that “building others up” must be a constant question that we contemplate as believers. He writes in Hebrews 10:24, “and let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.”1 While we must think carefully about our own hearts and how to grow in our faith, our growth is not to be a solitary growth. Central to our Christian life must be how we think carefully about building others up so the church might grow to look more likeChrist (Eph 4:15).

In his book, “Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands,” Paul Tripp does an excellent job of showing that it is every Christian’s responsibility to pursue the hearts of brothers and sisters by knowing them well in order to minister Christ to them well. He points out that sanctification does not come from frequently going to the mound of principles to fix sin problems. It is in being changed by the real presence of Jesus as a redeemer who is speaking to every believer and through every believer by the power of his Word.

Every moment is a worship moment, thus if we have a moment that is not connected to the glory of our God it will be a moment of idolatry and we will inevitably connect our relationships to our idols rather than to the glory of Christ. Tripp points out that to minimize our relationship with God in any category of life is to desire, “a sub-human existence,” because it places us on the level of plants and animals which are not on speaking terms with their creator. If a Christian does not understand the necessity of their Redeemer’s voice in their own life, then they will not understand the process of bringing his voice into their relationships that Tripp outlines in the second half of his book. In this second half, Tripp shows that a life transformed by their Redeemer will reflect four main actions of Christ: Love others, Know their struggle, Speak the truth, Help them Do something with the truth to grow. May this be the type of partnership that defines our relationships with one another here at Lighthouse.

Here are three quotes to help you see the soul nourishing qualities of this work:

  • “We forget that God’s primary goal is not changing our situations or relationships so that we can be happy, but changing us through our situations and relationships so that we will be holy.”
  • “If I am going to see myself clearly, I need you to hold the mirror of God’s Word in front of me.”
  • “We must not offer people a system of redemption, a set of insights and principles. We offer people a Redeemer.”



Only His Heart Can Heal Yours

God’s love enables us to love. His love doesn’t deny our hurts or scars, but can redeem them to speak of His grace to others. As we heard this past Sunday, God’s given us a story that also can tell of His.

On Memorizing Scripture

A great way to remember and reflect on the story of the Bible is to memorize Scripture. Here are some really practical insights on how to get started and maintain this helpful habit. We never graduate from the glories of the gospel.

Loving Difficult Neighbors Isn’t Optional

If we trust God to be sovereign and wise, then everything He does and ordains is purposeful, including who He places as our neighbors. In His perfect plan, our neighbors may be one way God wants to stretch us in love as well as to show us His.

When You’re Tired of the Battle, Persevere in Prayer

There’s a lot of wisdom in this article on how perseverance prompts us to pray. We bring specific cares and burdens to then see God answer specifically as He grows us and makes us more like Christ.

Will We Die to Our Rights

A sobering testimony of a hard lesson for most of us to learn. In a day and age where so many are clinging to rights, by the grace of God, we have the ability to lay them down and take up a cross. Let us exude Christ by how we love God and others through dying to self and serving others.

4 Questions Before Election Day

Election Day is tomorrow. As a church, let us strive to honor God by making a biblically informed decision. This article provides four questions to examine our hearts that we might put our ultimate hope in God.



Heaven Has Come

It’s now November, so Christmas music is fair game, I think. Sovereign Grace has released their Christmas album, full of songs to prepare our hearts in celebrating the gift of God’s Son.

Growing Pains

Our own intern Leighton Okada recently put out a new song! Make sure to read the description as he shares about the inspiration behind the lyrics and how gracious and faithful God has been. Give it a listen and be blessed.



The Rise of Gospel-Centered Documentaries

Need something to watch? In this article, Justin Taylor mentions some notable documentaries on the gospel.

Thank You from CHF

If you haven’t checked out this personalized thank you video CHF did for Lighthouse, please take some time to watch it. I’m sure it’ll be an encouragement. Even as evangelism month comes to a close, the work of the gospel does not. We can continue to participate in the advancement of the gospel.