Recommended Resources: March 8, 2021

Book Recommendation from a Pastor
“In Light of Eternity,” by Randy Alcorn
Recommendation by Pastor Kim Kira

As we are coming up on Easter next month, one book I want to recommend is “In Light of Eternity” by Randy Alcorn. It is a quick read, but places before us the importance of considering heaven in our everyday life. I’m ashamed to say that for the first 30+ years of my life I thought very little of heaven and eternity (aside from the idea that I knew that is where I would go if I die). But Alcorn’s book was something that helped me to really consider the idea more seriously and thoughtfully, and has helped me try to live more faithfully in light of eternity. Here are a couple of quotes from it:

  • “The greatest weakness of the western church today is arguably our failure to think of the long tomorrow – to take seriously the reality that heaven is our home. Out of this springs our love affair with this world and our failure to live now in light of eternity.”
  • “The deepest longing of your heart is for one person and one place. Jesus is that person. Heaven is that place. A thousand counterfeits vie for your attention, trying to convince you that they are what you’re looking for. But you’ll never find true satisfaction with what the Shadowlands of this world have to offer. What you really crave can only be found in the land of substance: heaven.”



How God’s Father-Love Could Change Your Life

To complement this past Sunday sermon, here’s an article on how belonging to God is a game changer and fortifying truth. How good it is to call God our Father.

Engaging Our Emotions, Engaging with God

God has given us emotions so we might fully engage with God and others. Our emotions enable us to draw near to Him and enjoy His wisdom and care.

Which Christian Best Portrays Christ?

What I appreciate about this article is how it highlights the beauty of the church and how together we can portray Christ better. Let us strive to represent Jesus well and be faithful with all that He’s entrusted to us.

Help! I’m Struggling to Connect with my Church Family During COVID

We are called to love another regardless of the circumstances or season we’re in. While we often equate love with something grandiose, there are many little ways we can connect and encourage each other.

Wrap Truth in Story: How to Capture a Child’s Heart

The parental responsibility to raise a child in the fear and admonition of the LORD can be daunting. But it can be as simple as telling them a story–the best story given to us in God’s Word.

Rain or Shine, He Showed Up

Instead of feigning ignorance, Solomon tells us it’s better to go to the house of mourning. Why? Because living in light of death will grant us insight into how to redeem the time and love people well. 

Set Your Mind on Things Above

This article expands on the previous. We’re given more of the nuts and bolts on living with our minds set on heaven. When we do so, we find our lives transformed for our good and for His glory.



Love That Never Ends – Jonathan Ogden (Lyric Video)

Based off of Psalm 56, this song revels in our joyful dependence of God. The Father desires us to live life before His loving watch.

I Cannot Outrun Your Grace

The omniscience and omnipresence of God don’t have to just instill fear. It can comfort us to know God is always loving us and showing us grace.



What Is the Most Common Misconception That Christians Have About God?

Do we know the God of the Bible instead of projecting our own biases, experiences, or conceptions onto Him? A lot of times we take our understanding of God as Father from our earthly relationships instead of starting with what God has graciously revealed to us in the Scriptures.

Q&A: Dane Ortlund Answers Your Questions about the Heart of Christ for Sinners

As a follow up to his excellent book, Dane Ortlund takes time to answer some common questions we might have concerning Christ’s heart for His people.