Recommended Resources: March 30, 2020

Book Recommendation from a Pastor

“God’s Grace in your Suffering” by David Powlison

“In these unique times, suffering is a common experience. Though the type and intensity varies, I don’t know anyone that has been untouched in some way by the Coronavirus. In light of this, one book I would recommend is “God’s Grace in your Suffering” by David Powlison.

It is a small book, but possibly my favorite on the topic. It is the right blend of being theological, personal, and practical and has the unique ability to draw our gaze to Christ amidst the storms of life. The structure is a simultaneous walk through of the great hymn, “How Firm a Foundation” and various passages of Scripture.

Here are a couple of powerful quotes: “God’s voice speaks deeper than what hurts, brighter than what is dark, more enduring than what is lost, truer than what has happened” (page 28). “Paul wrote, “The firm foundation of God stands, having this seal, ‘The Lord knows those who are his'” (2 Tim. 2:19). This excellent Word never changes. The Lord knows you. This reality is the single most important thing about you. You are his. This truth makes the decisive difference in how you walk down hard roads” (page 33). We need these glorious truths during times like these!” – Pastor Kim Kira



Make Fear Your Friend. Turn to Christ.

In light of Pastor Kim’s message two weeks ago and the daily devotionals, let fear cause you to flee to Christ, not from Him.

What Courage Might Corona Unleash?

When the world is cowering with fear, the gospel frees us to be wise and courageous in how we sacrifice and love one another. During this pandemic, we have been afforded a unique opportunity of ministry.

Practice Hospitality, Especially during COVID-19

Here’s an article that expands on the topics Pastor Tim preached on this past Sunday. While we are locked in with shelter-in-place, we can still practice hospitality. It may not necessarily mean opening our homes, but getting creative in how we care and love one another.

9 Ways to Work Efficiently from Home

For those of us not accustomed to working from home, Devin Maddox takes a practical approach on how to adjust to this new season of work life.

Never a Better Time for Family Prayer

In God’s providence, the coronavirus has given us the opportunity to spend more time together as a family. What better way to spend that time than in prayer together.



“Christ Our Hope in Life and Death” – Keithy and Kristyn Getty

A new song by the Gettys; perfect for the times we are currently in and beyond. “Though many believers may be singing at home, unable to gather with their churches as usual, we can still sing with confidence, because we know the One who conquered the grave by his resurrection…” Watch the “Behind the Song” video as well and be encouraged!

25 Hymns to Sing in Troubled Times

In a time of uncertainty, we need the robust and unchanging theological truths to grant us a sure footing. Here are 25 hymns that fuel our faith by directing us to the might and majesty of our God. You can click on each title to examine all the verses and listen to all 25 hymns on Spotify here.



How Do You Do Family Worship?

The idea of family worship sound daunting or you just don’t know where to start? In this clip, Don Whitney gives a simple outline and suggestions to structure the time.

John MacArthur: The Gospel, the Church, and This Present Crisis

In this video, Ligonier Ministries talks to Pastor John MacArthur about the coronavirus pandemic. MacArthur highlights some good theological truths to assure our hearts and practical exhortations for our witness to each other and the watching world.

WingFeather Saga

Andrew Peterson is reading his great WingFeather saga every night. Kids (and adults) can tune in and follow along at 5pm PST.

Free and discounted resources galore!

Who doesn’t love free or discounts? Tim Challies has put together a continuously updated list with such resources. Noteworthy to check out are Ligonier Ministries, Crossway (free access to basic subscription), and Lifeway (free digital curriculum).