Recommended Resources: March 22, 2021

Book Recommendation from a Pastor
“Building Bridges” by Julie Lowe
Recommendation by Pastor Wayne Hu

Whether you are a parent, a youth or children’s volunteer, or just someone who regularly interacts with children, “Building Bridges,” by Julie Lowe is a resource that will help you grow in winsomely connecting with and getting to know the hearts of the children. Through case studies, Scriptural insights, and explanations of how we are created and impacted by our world, Lowe provides numerous ways to better understand and love. This book is not just theologically rich but immensely practical as it includes principles on how to engage well with kids and teens and numerous expressive activities that speak into children’s hearts and challenges.

Here are some quotes from the book:

  • “We start [interactions with kids/teens] by being committed to meeting young people where they are, not where we are, nor where we want them to be. We must be willing to work hard and thoughtfully to enter into their world” (4).
  • “Formulas and ideals run aground because we assume that if we plug every child into our formulas, they will all come out as poster children for success. Instead, young people whom we attempt to help by surface formulas are often hindered or harmed. As we approach ministering to young people, it would be helpful to ask ourselves whether we are becoming discerning at knowing this child well. What does this particular child need?” (18)
  • “Often parents want an immediate solution to their problems — when what they really need is time to learn and understand their child and what factors have contributed to the challenges at hand. They need time to examine their child individually, to prayerfully ask what it looks like to help him or her, and then to make informed decisions for the benefit of their child” (25)
  • “It is not perfection we are called to, but to a commitment to really know people well. Let’s be careful to listen well, be slow to speak, thoughtful to draw out, and wise to speak truth back in” (42).



Your Helper in Prayer: Spurgeon on the Holy Spirit

What a comfort to know that in our weakness, God supplies both the strength and the words to pray. He has given us the Holy Spirit to aid and guide us in our deepest laments and heaviest burdens.

God the Father: A Name Is More Than a Metaphor

Our theology is not mere theory. This is the start of a three part series that teases out the richness and ramifications of having God as our heavenly Father. May this drive you to prayer, because He cares for you.

Don’t Throw Away Encouragement

Here’s something super practical that can be a balm when our souls are aching. Take the next step. Encouragement can last a lifetime.

Do You Have Enough Faith to Be Kind?

A biblical treatment on what it means to be kind and why faith is required. As we exercise our faith in Christ, we can leave His aroma simply by how we treat others.

Children Who Bloom in an Instant

This is a good perspective to adopt and maintain in our parenting. We strive to be faithful in the day-to-day to see how God will shape and mature our children. Growth, whether in spurts or over a long period of time, is always God’s gracious gift.

You Cannot Please God and People

People-pleasing can feel like a life-long struggle. But the way to combat it is not merely our watchfulness with how our hearts respond to people, but a right fear of God.

Let Us All Be Hospitable

Before we assume hospitality comes natural to some, consider how it’s a skill learned and cultivated. We’re all called to be loving towards others as a way to reflect and remember how God has welcomed us into His family.



Chris Renzema – “Let The Ground Rest” (The Smoakstack Sessions)

Many have been waiting and perhaps God is using this season to stretch us in patience and trust. We know in due time, He will bring about a harvest for our good and His glory.

Kirk Franklin: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

Something a little different, here’s some gospel music that was featured on npr. Set in an intimate setting, enjoy this mini concert from Kirk Franklin and friends.



Trust: Wallpaper

An easy way to keep meditating upon the Word of God and the truth it contains. Put it on your phone or laptop as a way to rehearse the Scriptures.

IG Prayer Post

Just a simple quote on the authority of God to keep in mind when we pray.