Recommended Resources: March 15, 2021

Book Recommendation from a Pastor
“Before You Open Your Bible” by Math Smethurst
Recommendation by Pastor Gavin Kajikawa

For this week’s book, I’d like to recommend, Math Smethurst’s, “Before You Open Your Bible.” A new year means a new commitment to be in God’s Word. This is a life-giving endeavor, but it takes work. Unfortunately, many of us focus on finding the right Bible reading plan, finding the right time to read the Bible, or even finding the right Bible to read. But many of us don’t think about our attitude towards the Bible.

The subtitle of this book is “Nine Heart Postures for Approaching God’s Word” and it says much about how to prepare our hearts. There are times when I don’t get much from the Bible because my heart is in the wrong place. I’m more interested in checking it off the to do list, learning only for knowledge, or thinking about how this applies to others, without thinking about how it applies to my life first.

The introduction of the book describes how this book is for new believers and mature believers. The challenge for new believers is that the Bible is too daunting and for mature believers the Word of God is too familiar.

This short book will talk about your heart posture: prayerfully, humbly, desperately, studiously, obediently, joyfully, expectantly, communally, and Christocentrically.

The author ends the book, “Your Bible is a bottomless treasure chest of beauty and wonder, strength and joy. May you approach it for the rest of your days as if that’s true, because it is.

May God bless your life as you read and meditate on God’s Word in this year.



The Inadvertent Trailblazer

The doctrine of the resurrection is one we are likely to neglect or forget. But as Pastor Eric preached this past Sunday, the resurrection of Jesus is indispensable for the Christian life and hope. Let’s create paths that constantly put this rich truth before us and others.

God’s Presence is Our Safety

To be near God is for our protection. God’s presence is a refuge during our trials and as we wrestle with doubts. When we struggle, we don’t flee from God, but towards Him. 

The War for Your Worship

The heart is always worshipping. The issue is not when, but what. This article teaches how we are constantly in a spiritual battle and what we can do to respond wisely and in a manner that honors God.

The Most Lavish Promise of God?

By certain commands and prescriptions, we are prone to think God is miserly or a killjoy. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. God promises are for our eternal good and ultimate joy.

When Grace Dances

A good practice is to mull over the gospel until it moves our hearts, to rehearse the good news until we find it good. Ray Ortlund teases out some ways the story of salvation nourishes our souls and compels us to cling to God’s promises.

The Allure of Sin

Sin is deceptive. We need to arm ourselves with the truth of Scripture to expose sin’s lies and aid us in pursuing Christ.

In the Name

Have you ever wondered why we pray in Jesus’s name? More than a rigid formula or sheerly out of habit, there is great profundity in the concept of a name.



It Was Finished Upon That Cross (Official Lyric Video) – CityAlight

CityAlight just released a song to help us celebrate and meditate on the glories of Jesus’s death and resurrection. May it encourage you to think deeply on the cross and the empty tomb.

Worthy Of It All | Agnus Dei (Zahriya Zachary, David Funk, Bryce Moore) x The Bluejay House

Here’s a medley of two songs highlighting the worthiness of God. God is worthy of all our affections and actions. We worship a glorious God.



Emotions as Vital Indicators

While feelings aren’t everything, they can still reveal to us what we are thinking. God has given us emotions as one way we can examine our hearts and aid us in growing to become more like Christ. They can be utilized as insightful tools for the sanctification process.

Discovering the Holiness of God: The Formation of R. C. Sproul

R.C Sproul is famous for his relentless love of God and His holiness. This 14-minute documentary is an introduction to the life and ministry of a servant consumed with the desire to preach the gospel of Christ.