Recommended Resources: July 6, 2020

Book Recommendation from a Pastor

Do you have a ‘them’ in your life? ‘Them’, as in those with whom you have difficulty loving, those whose views you find difficulty tolerating, those whom you don’t have as much empathy for, but rather frustration, annoyance, and apathy. As we live in a continually fractured and divisive society, it has become increasingly apparent, now more than ever, that we live in an ‘us’ versus ‘them’ world. And the question that confronts every follower of Jesus Christ in our polarized age is, “What does the character of Jesus and his followers have to offer to an increasingly angry and divisive world?”

Pastor Scott Sauls provides practical answers to this question in his very helpful book, “A Gentle Answer: Our “Secret Weapon” in An Age of Us Against Them.” What he uncovers in the book is the fact that reality is a lot more complicated than merely demonizing “the bad guy” and lionizing “the good guy”. Because, in a way reminiscent of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Pastor Scott reminds me that the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being.

What is characteristic of Pastor Scott’s writing is his delicate and sensitive balance of speaking the truth in love. This is especially reflected in his new work as he calls on Christians to the hard work of gentleness in a time of hostility and suspicion, starting from the most necessary source—Jesus’ own life and gentleness. Divided into two parts, Pastor Scott carefully crafts first the story of how Jesus personally and gently changes us. And as we change, we become gentle, becoming like Jesus himself. Throughout the book, there is a consistent pattern of Pastor Scott comforting us with the indicatives (who we are in Jesus Christ) before the imperatives (what we are called to do in Jesus Christ).

At times, this book will be confrontive and challenging. It has challenged me to reconsider how I view and treat people with whom I disagree and to repent of my dismissiveness and cavalier attitude. But the more it revealed my lack of gentleness, the more it revealed my need for the gentleness and sufficiency of Jesus. I suspect that this was precisely Pastor Scott’s intention in his book. To whet your appetite for this helpful resource, consider the following quotes:

  • “Counterfeits of Christianity have earned for Christianity itself a black eye in today’s cultural climate. Perceived by many as hypocritical, excessively partisan, and fixated on attacking the specks in others’ eyes while ignoring the planks in our own, it’s no wonder that Christians, especially younger ones, have become disenchanted with the idea of sharing their faith,” (pp. 32-33)
  • To gain strength and courage to offer a gentle answer, we must first be flooded by the reality that we’ve already received one,” (p. 68)
  • “This ‘Is it I?’ response to the Lord, as opposed to an ‘It is he!’ response, is a key indicator of a healthy, self-aware, non-presumptuous, gentle posture of faith. Sorrow mixed with introspection is, even for the most faithful disciples among us, the most appropriate response when the subject of evil and betrayal is raised…The more we realize these truths, the less accusatory we will become toward others, and the gentler we will become as well” (p. 164).



4 Reasons to Wear a Mask, Even if You Hate It

Some don’t mind wearing masks. Others abhor it. Wherever you land on the spectrum and in light of this past Sunday’s sermon, this article provides some considerations for how our love for Christ and one another should shape our thoughts and behavior on this very issue.

The Fear of the Lord . . . for today?

The fear of the Lord is a reoccurring and important theme in the Bible. Ed Welch serves us well by attempting to explain this profound topic.

Do not Let the Algorithm Control You

Social distance is on all of our minds. However, have you thought of social media distancing? While quarantined at home, we are consuming a lot of social media. This is a needed exhortation to evaluate the effect this has upon our heart.

Prayer Will Win the Nations: Three Ways to Pray for Missionaries

In a time where we’re sheltering-in-place and focused on our own troubles, we can still be part of the Great Commission. We can pray. Prayer is the indispensable way we partner with missionaries across the world.

The Mission Field I Never Expected

Speaking of missions, we don’t have to go far to advance the gospel. For many of us, it takes place in our own homes, with our family or children. From marriages to parenting to loving roommates, God sovereignly gives opportunities to love and people to serve. 

How Much Patriotism Is Too Much Patriotism?

This year’s Independence Day felt very different from previous years. How should we view our nation? Piper is insightful and balanced. “Never feel more attached to your fatherland or your tribe or your family than you do to the people of Christ.”



PSALM 90 | Shane & Shane

Is there a better duo than straight Scripture and Shane & Shane? I’ll leave the debate to you, but here’s a new song that encourages our hearts to sing the great theological truths found in Psalm 90.

Rest: Story Behind the Song

This video brings us behind the scenes to what inspired the Gray Havens to write the song “Rest.” We featured the song last week and you can give it a listen again here.


For old school fans of Jars of Clay, they recently put on an online concert. Take a stroll down memory lane and enjoy.



God Is Our Fortress — A Reading of Psalm 46 by Kristyn Getty

One of my favorite Psalms read by one of my favorite musicians with one of my favorite accents. Sometimes there is nothing more needed than Scripture to be read and treasured.

Summer Reading for Middle School Students: The Wilderking

Middle schoolers (and their parents) rejoice. Jesse John makes a compelling reason to read this trilogy. Read his endorsement or just jump into starting this book series.

Free Ebook: What Is the Mission of the Church?

Our world is clearly changing. Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert argue the central mission of the church doesn’t. In a capricious time and culture, this book is a welcomed resource to steel our backbones and sharpen our minds.

Why Did Water Come Out Of The Bottle? | Paul David Tripp

This is an older clip with a timeless and relevant lesson. Using a simple illustration, Paul David Tripp helps us dissect and examine our hearts.