Recommended Resources: July 27, 2020

Book Recommendation from a Pastor

“The Disciplined Life” by Richard S. Taylor

Recommendation by Pastor Eufemio Magsombol, Jr.

During this Covid season, many of us feel that our lives have been upended. Daily schedules and routines have been disrupted. Some may have become more busy with added responsibilities at work and home, while others have gained extra time and freedom with a clear calendar. But wherever we are and whatever we have on our plate, the question remains: How are we using our time for the Lord? Are we living disciplined lives that allow us to best steward our energy and resources for God and others?

One resource that I’ve found to be helpful is a small book by Richard S. Taylor called, “The Disciplined Life.” In it he encourages believers to see the importance of discipline in our walks with the Lord. He emphasizes that discipline is “not the supreme value. Right relationship with God is the greatest of all treasures.” But it can be a tool that allows us to focus on what’s most important and is “a practical means of learning how to realize more fully in one’s life the supreme values of Christ’s kingdom.”

Here are a few highlights:

  • “The problem is not knowledge. The problem is actually giving first place to these values in practical daily living—and that is a problem primarily of character. This involves ability to reject day by day that great army of possible activities which clamor for our precious energy but which would hamper the doing of more important things… If life with us is to be fruitful and purposeful, we must heroically and decisively put the knife to most of the possible activities which could clutter every single day.”
  • “One mistake is to confuse disciplined living with holy living. The two are not the same. Discipline… may begin and end with self-interest. Holiness is meaningless except as it defines one’s relationship to a holy God.”
  • “Discipline unquestionably makes a man superior If not watched, it will also make him feel superior. There is a legitimate sense of satisfaction in self-mastery. But it is wrong when the sense of satisfaction becomes self-satisfaction. Such a disciplined man gives himself the glory, not God.”
  • “Without doubt disciplined living is a necessary aid in maintaining holiness and consolidating it into firm character and efficient living. But no amount of discipline of itself will make the sinful heart holy… it cannot create a clean heart.”



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Don’t Look for Community in the Church. Be the Community

As we struggle with isolation and feeling cut off, we may long for community. While community is important, it is created and strengthened when our focus is on Christ and being the community.



Before The Throne of God Above feat Joseph Bradshaw | Covenant Presbyterian

Classic hymns are classics for a reason; they are grounded in timeless and rich truths that always find relevance because the promises of God are unbreakable.

My Home by Claudia Isaki

Here’s something different: an ethereal soothing voice melded with lyrics drawn from the Christian life and biblical truths.

American Awakening Better Together

Tune in tomorrow for an online concert from artists such as Lecrae and Crowder. It’s free as long as you register.



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Seven Lessons for Productivity

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Free Ebook: Living For God

Crossway has a promo for a free eBook in exchange for filling out a short survey. “Living for God,” goes through five basic doctrines of the Christian faith and how they should impact our lives.