Recommended Resources: January 11, 2021

Book Recommendation from a Pastor

Discovering the Good Life” by Tim Savage

Recommendation by Pastor Tim St. John

Do you remember the last time you savored the joy of being a Christian? When did you last feast on the Bread of Life, drink from the Living Water, andsense the joy of the Lord as he satisfied your heart? In his book, “Discovering the Good Life,” author Tim Savage invites both Christians and non-Christians to taste and see that the Lord is good. He describes the good life through the lens of the gospel across the landscape of Scripture.

The world and often Christians look for fullness of life without looking to the God has given us life. Through Scripture, stories, and practical examples, Savage explains how our misery comes from looking for life in all the wrong places, and how our fulfillment comes from more fully embracing Christ alone. He invites you to sit back and listen as he reminds you of the infinite riches we have in Christ.

As you start the new year, consider reading this work. It will offer you Scripture to fight against the lies of hopelessness and misery that so powerfully control our current culture. Allow Savage to run alongside you for these six short chapters and point you to Christ and let your heart once again be refreshed.

Here are two quotes to help you see the soul nourishing qualities of this work:

  • “It is essential to remember that we are the plug and Christ is the socket. When we put our faith in Christ, we plug into Christ and receive a surge of his life.” (137)
  • “In my times of Bible reading, I encountered a teaching that I had failed to assimilate. As a Christian, I was indwelled by Jesus Christ. I was topped up to the brim by the fullness of God himself. I could not possibly be more blessed than I already was. I was overflowing with the resources of my Maker: his love, his peace, his power, his goodness, his truth, and a hundred other manifestations of his life. Nothing in heaven or on earth could put a dent in the infinite fullness that was already mine.” (122)



10 Fresh Ways to Read Your Bible in 2021

Need some practical suggestions on how to read your Bible this year? This article provides 10 creative ways to study the Word and treasure it in your heart. Consider incorporating and adopting one or some into your 2021 plans.

Feeble Words in Prayer

What a comfort God is not impressed with how eloquent we are in prayer. He understands our feeble words and is kind enough to listen and answer those who earnestly seek Him.

Remembering God’s Faithfulness in the Face of a Detour

God is still both faithful and sovereign even when our plans are changed or we’re undergoing a trial. We look to God’s character and promises to inform how we respond to the detours of life as we can remain confident He is with us.

4 Questions about Leading Family Devotions

Some common questions about leading family devotions followed by helpful answers. If you’re interested in growing in this area, you can take a closer look at the book this article is based on.

Churches Should Not Only Go, They Should Stay

Let’s not forget that we’re all on mission. Should we be the people who actually go to proclaim the gospel or those who stay in a support role, we labor together that lost souls may come to a saving faith in Christ.

Should You Talk About Heaven When You Share the Gospel?

We know what makes heaven so great is endless communion with Christ. Let’s not forget to incorporate the joy and longing of our faith when we speak to others about the good news of salvation.

The Gospel in a Democracy Under Assault

Here’s an article worth your consideration in light of the current events. Praise God, as Christians, our hope is in Christ and we live for another country. Remembering this identity helps us to process and engage with our world and nation properly.



Kingdom of Your Son

What better than a husband and wife duo singing Scripturally rich songs that encourage us to look to Christ amidst a difficult season.

Poor Bishop Hooper – Psalm 5 (EveryPsalm)

Speaking of Scripturally rich songs, this project by Poor Bishop Hooper was to release a psalm-based song every week. Here’s a good one inspired by Psalm 5.

Recommended Resources Music Playlist

A fellow church member has served us well in compiling all the recommended resources songs into a Spotify playlist.



Podcast: Disciplines of a Godly Man (Kent Hughes)

Author of the popular book, “Disciplines of a Godly Man,” discusses and expands on a lot of the content written on the topic of spiritual disciplines.

Christine Hoover on Encouragement for Pastor’s Wives

While this short video is explicitly to encourage pastor’s wives, this principle is applicable for all. Our role and service in the church and home are not the measure by which we gain approval, but the fruit of knowing we are loved by God.