Recommended Resources: December 7, 2020

Book Recommendation from a Pastor
A Book of Comfort for Those in Sickness” by P.B. Power
Recommendation by Pastor Eufemio

P.B. Power’s, A Book of Comfort for Those in Sickness,” begins with the question: “Is God a God of comfort at all?” Some of us who are dealing with illnesses, loved ones who are ill, or the loss of those loved ones during this season may have asked this very question. Power was a 19th-century minister who was himself familiar with sickness, and in the midst of it, he found comfort in the Lord. In his book he reminds us to look to Scripture to find that 1) our God indeed is the God of all comfort, 2) that we should not look elsewhere for our prime and first comfort, and 3) that we can expect comfort from God.

I encourage you to check out “A Book of Comfort for Those in Sickness,” if you’re looking for a concise resource on dispelling despair and finding comfort in the Lord in times of illness. Here are a few highlights:

“God never changes, nor are his mercies dependent upon our ‘getting on’… There are many children of God, who have never known anything approaching to spiritual ecstasy at all, nor attained to anything beyond a calm and peaceful trust in him. They lay still on their beds in peace. They believed in a glory to be revealed.”

“Now, if instead of thus looking at God and at all that is to well forth from him because he is what he is, we look at ourselves, at all that we deserve, we shall have no comfort at all. Comfort will never travel to us by this latter path. We are to look at ourselves, expecting to find all emptiness, and not wanting to make the matter one whit better than it is… Bathe your thoughts then in God. Be rich in God—poor in yourselves, but rich in him.”

“So pain, bad as undoubtedly it is, is not altogether so comfortless a condition as we unthoughtfully or petulantly might suppose. It has comforts belonging to it which are its own; and, no doubt, some which are not elsewhere to be had.”

“If now we have a look forward, by and by we shall have a look backward, upon all the way by which we have been led. Even now, when we look back upon what we would call long periods, how short they seem, although they are comparatively recent! How much shorter will they appear when they are looked back upon from the standpoint of eternity!”



Have a Holly COVID Christmas

There’s much to consider in this article, particularly, “Perhaps this year the tenor of Christmas 2020 will be more in tune with the surprising twists and turns of the first Christmas rather than the ideals of our own Christmas pasts.” We can celebrate the season, because we rejoice, most of all, in the coming of Christ.

A Simple Strategy for Meditating on God’s Word

Reading the Bible can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. This article shows us how to mine the truths of Scripture and meditates on truths to nourish our souls and apply to our lives.

The Scar

Both the mystery and the richness of the cross should not be lost upon us. By it we get a glimpse of the depths of God’s love, justice, and glory.

Creating A Culture Of Sacrifice In Your Church

Though this is addressed more towards leaders of the church, the principles are still applicable as we’re all called to sacrifice and serve. Consider ways we can promote and advance the gospel, even at cost to self. 

The Salt of the Earth

Amidst the darkness of this season, we can overlook the opportunity we have to shine as light in this world. Christ calls us to be the salt of the earth. Coronavirus provides us the circumstance to do so. 

How to Maintain Everyday Faithfulness in Festive Times

Many of us love the Christmas season. During the holidays, let’s not lose sight of who and why we rejoice. May that encourage us to be all the more faithful as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.



All is Well (Acapella) – Doxology Vocal Ensemble

A great acapella rendition of this old Christmas song. Arranged and put together by the ensemble at Southern Seminary, give it a listen and be blessed.

Miracle or Not (Live) – The Worship Initiative ft. Bethany Barnard

A recent new song that might resonate with us, because it tells us how God’s love is not conditioned on the situations we find ourselves in, but in the character of God and the hope of the gospel.

God with Us

It wouldn’t be a December weekly recommended resource without an album related to Christmas and the coming of Christ. Here’s an album that fixes our attention on the wonders of Jesus’ birth.



The Gospel Coalition 2020 Book Awards

If you’re searching for stocking stuffers or wanting to read another book, TGC released their 2020 book awards featuring different categories like Christian living, evangelism and apologetics, and children’s.

Christmas Gift Guide

Need some help with Christmas shopping this year? Look no further. Crossway has put together some suggestions based on various categories.

What Drove People to Scripture in 2020?

An interesting article filled with data on the trends of those who turned to the Bible, which verses and words were searched, and possibly why.