Recommended Resources: December 21, 2020


Have Yourself A Subversive Little Christmas

Light wins. Even amidst the darkness, we can take heart knowing the end is already certain. And this we do well to keep in mind when we consider the Christmas story and how God’s plan of salvation comes through a baby born in a manger.

When My Sister Had COVID-19

With the rise of cases, we can learn through this example on how to lament before God while ministering to those around us who may have gotten COVID.

The Simplicity of the Christian Faith

As we mature in our faith, it is easy to assume so does the complexity of how we live as Christians. And while there is a depth to our relationship with God, our obedience to Christ, and our transformation in community, there’s also an element of the Christian faith that is quite simple.

Singing in the Dark

What a joy to know that in the dark times of life the promises of God still hold true. We press on, singing in the difficulties, and trusting in God’s goodness. The trials and hardships press us closer towards God who is full of compassion, wisdom, and love.

Our Deepest Need at Christmas

This season has stripped us of possible distractions so we might refocus on the true meaning of Christmas. We are pressed to reflect on why a Savior is sent and what peace He offers.

Suffering Healed Me

Oftentimes we see as suffering we merely have to endure without abandoning our faith, but God can use suffering as a way to fortify our faith and grow us in Christlikeness. Let’s not forget the purposes and power of God.

Christmas Shopping Deo Gloria

Last minute Christmas shopping? While this article is addressed to pastors, there’s much to glean and apply as we remember even in our shopping the larger aim of life is to glorify God.



Silent Night by Sojourn

A Christmas classic with a more modern rendition, give it a listen. At the birth of Christ, it’s amazing to consider how little was made of such an event. Yet through this holy infant the Savior and Lord is born. 

Emmanuel (Glory in the Highest) // Lighthouse Community Church

It was encouraging to see so many faces sing in our virtual choir this past Sunday. Here’s the song we can put on repeat as we look forward to worshipping together.

Joy To The World (Joyful Joyful) (Live) | Christmas Tour 2020

A live performance of this song by Shane & Shane and Phil Wickham, we have much reason to delight and rejoice in the birth of Jesus. 

Watts and Wesley: A Tale of Two Hymn Writers and the Christmas Carols That Remain With Us

Here’s some background behind some of the Christmas carols we enjoy. May this deepen our appreciation of these songs and all the more, the truths and God they direct our affections to.



If You Have Jesus, You Have Everything

We have everything we need in Christ. In a year where many of us have struggled with loss or had our plans derailed, the gospel is all the more precious. May this little video clip encourage you to cling to Jesus.

20 Pieces of Goodness in 2020 Pop Culture

It’s easy to forget all the blessings God has lavished on us this year. In case you miss it, this is an interesting trip down memory lane.