Recommended Resources: April 6, 2020

Book Recommendation from a Pastor

“A Small Book for the Anxious Heart” by Ed Welch

Recommendation by Pastor Gavin Kajikawa

Yesterday you heard Pastor Kim preach on how Jesus changes our anxious and worrying hearts, so I’d like to recommend Ed Welch’s book, “A Small Book for the Anxious Heart.”

This topic is something I was thinking about and wrestling with before Covid-19, and now the virus has turned up the heat. The range of my worry is vast, multilayered, and complex, so I’m glad that this book has helped put descriptors to what I’m feeling and, more importantly, has pointed me to Christ, my rock and salvation.

The book is broken into 50 daily meditations focused on a particular theme. At the end of each day are a few questions for you to reflect and meditate on. This book can be read individually, but you may benefit more by reading it with others and sharing your thoughts to the questions via emails, texts, or a phone call.

Here are a few quotes that you’ll read as you treasure Christ more.

  • “The rhythm of your journey is simple: You speak and God listens; God speaks and you listen . . . Whenever God speaks to you about your fears, you can be sure he will say something about being close.” (4-5)
  • “Worries can be born in the past, live in the future, and invade the present. They focus our attention on things over which we are relatively powerless, and they take our attention away from the mission that is right in front of us. Stay in the present.” (27)
  • “The basic idea is that what we fear controls us. Rather than being controlled by things and people in creation, we want to be controlled by the Creator.” (164)


Easter Week in Real Time

Remember, this week is holy week, the week leading up to Easter. In this article, Russ Ramsey provides context to each day of the week as well as Bible passages to read.

Anxiety, Waiting and the Coronavirus

Waiting is normal to the Christian life. But as Christians, we don’t wait like unbelievers. Our waiting is active and filled with hope. This article encourages us to wait well.

We May Be Confused, but God Isn’t

In uncertain times, we draw comfort in knowing the God who knows all things. As we heard this past Sunday, we have every reason to trust and obey our heavenly Father because of His sovereignty, wisdom, and love.

In Every Season Give Thanks

A thankful combats an anxious heart. Joey Parker exhorts us to reign in our thoughts, center them on the gospel, and allow the truths of Scripture to cultivate gratitude to God.

7 Suggestions for Finding Joy in Isolation

Kimberly Wagner provides a very practical guide for finding joy in isolation. Both extroverts and introverts will be helped in this article.

Leverage Your Loneliness

Since isolation is a common struggle for most of us, here’s another article on how to redeem isolation and make it spiritually profitable. Our loneliness can be a surprising teacher on our deep needs and the sufficiency of Christ.

Talking to Children About Coronavirus

John Piper offers some suggestions on how to talk to our children about the coronavirus. Truth be told, this counsel is fitting and encouraging regardless of your age, number of children, and marital status. Much to glean and mull over

Parenting Anxious Kids in an Anxious Time

Adults aren’t the only ones who grow anxious. Parents have the opportunity to not only grow in trusting God, but to also shepherd their little ones towards Him as well.



“Lord From Sorrows Deep I Call” – Matt Boswell and Matt Papa

A hymn inspired by Psalm 42 that puts the oft loved psalm to song. What a helpful and instructive way to sing Scripture to your soul.

Upbeat Songs for Quarantined Kids

Here’s one for cooped up kids to release some of their energy while making a joyful noise to the Lord. Click on the link to see the tracklist as well as Spotify and Apple Music playlists.



Share Your #JesusChangedMyLife Story

This week is holy week. While we can’t gather for Good Friday or Easter service, this is a creative outlet to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. If you’re on social media, you can also search the hashtag and be encouraged with stories of grace.

Don Carson on the Ground of Our Assurance

In this video clip, Dr. Carson illustrates how our assurance comes not from the strength of our faith, but the object of our faith. A truth that is especially pertinent during these times.

Truth in Love: The Bible And Anxiety

Dr. Heath Lambert discusses how the Bible addresses anxiety in this audio snippet. Lambert walks us through a biblical framework and how to encourage someone (or ourselves) struggling with worry.

A Prayer for Working from Home – Will Sorrell

This prayer can serve as an example for how to petition to the Lord for those working from home.

Adventures in Odyssey

In case you missed it last week, Adventures in Odyssey is offering a free 4-week trial to all their content including devotionals, activities, puzzles, and videos. A fun and edifying way to keep your kids (and you) busy.