Our 11 Months of Being Homeless

The Member Musings section of our blog is written by church members in the hope of encouraging you to see all of life through the lens of the gospel.

On April 24th 2013, after 9 months of visiting homes, making offers, and getting outbid, Tim and I closed escrow on a home in Torrance. But what we thought was an end, was really just the beginning of how God would teach us what it means to wait on him.  And now in May of 2014, 11 months after escrow closed, we sit in our living room still watching the dust settle excited and a little afraid to believe that we are finally home.

During the 11 months of being “homeless,” we were met with various reactions from our friends. Some were curious (“Why didn’t we rent our apartment for the 11 months of remodel?”) but most were concerned (“Are we handling displacement okay?”).

But each day that passed as we waited on our house, we found a sweet home with friends from church who gave us a room, fed us, and most preciously, gave us sweet times of fellowship. (The hospitality of our friends is a true testament to the greatness of God!)

The physical provision of a home while we were “homeless” was a poignant reminder of the eternal home we have with Christ in Heaven. As we woke up each morning in a warm home of our friends, we were daily reminded of God’s gracious, perfect, and faithful provisions. While He was providing for our physical needs with a roof over our heads, and a pillow under our heads, He was reminding us daily that our true home is with Him in Heaven and that truly, we lack nothing we need because of His amazing love.

As funny as it sounds, I am so thankful that it took us way too long to remodel our home (which in itself is gift of grace beyond our imagination). I am thankful because this season was a daily illustration of God’s grace in our lives. It was a constant reminder that those who call Him Father are never truly homeless: That no matter what our needs may be, how great or small, He meets them perfectly, as He sees fitting for our good and His glory.


Jee St. John serves as Lighthouse’s church administrator, a job made much easier by the fellowship she has with the church family and the opportunity to serve alongside faithful brothers and sisters in Christ. In addition to her administrative responsibilities, Jee is actively involved in small groups and women’s ministry. Her interests include cooking, eating, reading, hiking, running, snowboarding, coffee, photography, and enjoying the dreamy southern company of her husband, Tim.