On Being Together for the Gospel

I was invited to attend the T4G conference with some of our church leaders this month in Louisville, KY.  I had never been, but those who had raved about the impact the conference had had in their lives in prior years.  Having only heard some of the sound tracks of the worship (and loved it), I prayed about the event and chose to attend.  Being a bit older than most of the men who were attending, I did not know many of the younger speakers at the conference (Chandler, Platt, DeYoung).  However, I was familiar with MacArthur and Piper, having grown up with their sermons and writings.  I prayed that God would teach my heart to be open to the array of speakers and sessions over the three day meeting.

Top right is NOT Greg. Photo by Greg Hubert.


Very quickly, all of us chose to attend a pre-conference on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.  Fifteen minute sermonettes for 4 hours, then off to the main sessions on the Unashamed Gospel messages.  Each plenary session started with a video “two chair” gospel story (watch the videos here).  These were some of my favorite parts, since it displayed people like me telling stories of how God used the power of the Gospel to change lives, and theirs as well.  It even had “unsuccessful” stories from a worldly perspective of individuals who had been sharing the Gospel for years without seeing someone come to faith in Jesus Christ, but they continued to be faithful in sharing the Gospel.  They understood that the power was in the Gospel and not their ability to persuade someone into the Kingdom.  Additionally, I was blessed by the time of hanging out with all the Lighthouse men.  We would sit around at night late talking, eating at White Castle at midnight, sharing fried chicken or good Southern ribs and talking about how God was using our time there to shape how we would live differently once we went home.

The final evening we were all together, we shared how the T4G conference had been used by God to affect how we would live for Christ.  It was a special time together.  For me, how I will pray for others salvation and reaching intentionally out to my neighbors for the Gospel were practical ways I will change how I live as a result of this conference.  God transformed me to share the Gospel unashamed with those in my world daily, pray actively for those I am chosen to impact for eternity, and most of all glorify God by articulating the words of the Gospel boldly with those I interact with each day (Romans 1:16).



Greg Hubert (BA., Biola University; M.Div., The Master’s Seminary) is a lay leader at Lighthouse.  Greg’s life mission is to love God and love people (Matthew 22 36-40).  All three of his boys have been divinely created with autism.  Greg, along with his wife Gina, are called to reach families affected with special needs with the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Greg and his wife are actively involved with the Special Needs ministry, helping support families understand God’s design in creating these blessed homes for His glory.  Greg is a sales manager for a heart valve company in the western US.  He enjoys spending time with his family, running marathons, shooting guns, and reading biographies of influential people in God’s redemptive history. He lives in Torrance with his bride of 26 years (in June) and his three sons Zachary 22, Tyler 20 and Tate 16.