Meet Our Staff: Tiffany Mikamo

Please meet Tiffany! She’s one of the newest additions to Lighthouse’s staff and she’ll be serving as an administrator, working closely with Pastor Wayne for Children’s Ministry, Pastor Eufemio for Local Evangelism, and Megan Cai and Nicole Tsuruda for church administration. Learn a little bit about her through these questions and answers, then give her a warm welcome! (

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hello! My name is Tiffany Mikamo and I was born and raised in Torrance and went up to UC Davis for college. Contrary to what some people might tell you, Davis is so great! I moved back to Torrance in 2016 and started attending Lighthouse around then.

What are your hobbies and interests? What do you do in your free time?

I consider myself an old soul and enjoy crocheting, baking, and am starting to learn swing dancing. In the past few years I’ve gotten into camping, and I enjoy taking people camping for the first time!

As you may know by now, the Lighthouse staff LOVE food. What are your favorite foods?

I enjoy most types of food, but dishes that are SO good and I highly recommend are the chicken tikka masala from Al Noor and the galbi jjim from Sun Nong Dan. Delicious and shareable (if you choose to)!

Are there any interesting facts we should know about you?

I lived in Bishop for almost a year. If you love the Sierra Nevadas too, let’s talk!!

Unfortunately, the day you joined our staff was the day we closed our office and began working from home. With having only one day to experience being in the office, what were your first impressions? What are you looking forward to?

It was only a day in the office, but I’m thankful for that one day! You can definitely sense the camaraderie in the office and care for one another. You can see it transcend beyond merely being physically present with each other. I’m looking forward to serving alongside everyone and learning from such humble and knowledgeable leaders! And from the sound of it, what really good food is!

What will your role be on staff at Lighthouse?

I will be assisting with administration for Children’s Ministry with Pastor Wayne and Nicole Kosobayashi, Local EV with Pastor Eufemio, and the church office with Megan and Nicole Tsuruda.

In what ways are you looking forward to doing ministry at Lighthouse?

I’m looking forward to being able to serve in these new ways and for God to continue to grow my affections for him and the church. Before coming to Lighthouse I never knew how I could serve at the church and I am thankful for Lighthouse’s loving encouragements to serve and showing our neediness to serve. I am looking forward to serving with everyone as we partake in this grace!   

How can we, as your church family, be praying for you?

Please be praying for a transition into this job and to remember that God’s grace is more immense than the measure of my abilities, mistakes, and even beyond the grace that others can give me. And also for my stage as a single, that I may be a good steward of this season he has given me.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Please say (send?) hi! I’m still continuing to get to know people and would love to meet you!