Meet Our Staff: Andy Yeung

Please meet Andy! He’s the newest addition to Lighthouse’s staff and he’ll be joining us as a church administrator! Learn a little bit about him through these questions and answers, then give him a warm welcome! (

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I was born and raised in San Jose, the middle kid of three (does it show? haha). I left San Jose to attend UCSD where I grew attached to the [relatively] relaxed SoCal lifestyle, graduating and finding work as a recruiter in Redondo Beach in 2017.

I was actually planning on driving out to the sister church of my SD fellowship (Lighthouse Bible Church San Diego) in OC (Lighthouse Bible Church Orange County) before I visited our church (Lighthouse Community Church) – as you can see, I really love Lighthouses haha. I fell in love with the community, practical theology, and biblical counseling focuses here and decided to stay!

What are your hobbies and interests? What do you do in your free time?

I’ve always loved board games and video games, but have recently been hooked on Korean Dramas and fiction novels! I’ve also recently started playing Dungeons and Dragons with a handful of Praxis guys – maybe David Lee’s dream of having the staff play Dungeons and Dragons will come true..!

I hear you have some interesting food preferences. Care to explain?

Well, to start off with some of my normal tastes, I really like almost all Japanese and Chinese food.

On the less normal side of things: I’ve started to really enjoy pickled things – I once ate a whole jar of the pickled radishes at Coco Ichibanya – and I’ve been experimenting with eating Kimchi with literally everything (Chicken McNuggets, Spam Musubi, Almond Poppyseed Muffins, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Ice Cream, etc).

Now what the editor is REALLY looking for with this question is that I have a really wide palate of disfavorable flavors… I dislike Cilantro and almost all typical American herbs (I think they taste like I’m eating a flower bush), am neutral or negative towards most hot or carbonated drinks, and am not the biggest fan of sandwiches – just to name a few!

Editor’s note: Dude, cilantro is awesome. Also, if you’re reading this, you should ask Andy why he has a distaste for so many foods.

I’ve also heard that you have/use a lot of lists. Can you tell us about these lists and share a few of them with us?

I LOVE LISTS! They save Future-Andy a TON of time and brain space in having to compile things, although some of the lists are REALLY random haha.

Examples of some of my lists include: Movies to Watch, Vacation / Adventure Ideas, Ice Breaker Questions (of varying intensity), Parental Advice / Traditions I’d want to pass on to any kid(s) I may have in the future, Potential Future Kid Names (imagine not having to buy a baby-names book in the future!). As you can see, some of them are normal, and others are quite strange haha.

Are there any interesting facts we should know about you?

I REALLY love trying new things and going on adventures (unless those adventures entail heights… haha).

While I don’t know any of the languages fluently, my Chinese background and immersion into anime and Korean Dramas has led me to unintentionally use one expression each from Chinese, Japanese, and Korean: 什么 (‘what’ in Chinese), すごい (‘Impressive’ or ‘Great’ in Japanese), and 아이고 (‘Gosh’ or more general exasperation in Korean)

What will your role be on staff at Lighthouse?

I’ll be taking on a modified version of Megan’s responsibilities: overseeing church administration with a focus on finances, human resources, and office management, but also helping out Pastor Kim & Pastor Gavin!

In what ways are you looking forward to doing ministry at Lighthouse?

I’m really looking forward to working alongside some of my favorite people while pursuing Christ and serving all of you on a daily basis!

How can we, as your church family, be praying for you?

I’ve learned that Megan does a TON of things behind the scenes here, so there’s a lot to learn! Please pray that I would be able to learn quickly so that the transition of responsibilities goes smoothly!

Secondly, I’d love prayer for a continued deepening of my love for the Gospel that would flow into all my thoughts and actions and care for others!