Meet Our Interns: Josh Scott


In our Spotlight sections, you’ll get better acquainted with ministries or members of our church in the hope that how God is working in their lives will encourage and strengthen you! This week we’d like to highlight Josh Scott, one of our summer interns! 

Megan: Hi Josh! Welcome to staff! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Josh: Hello everybody! Just to tell y’all a bit about myself, I’m from Hayward (NorCal/Bay Area) and have been attending Lighthouse for a little over 2 years now. I studied political science and music at UC Davis then worked for a non-profit community integrative day program for developmentally delayed adults over 2 years before moving to Southern California and attending Talbot School of Theology. Japanese is my favorite kind of food (my home/comfort food!) but I’m always down for all kinds! Many have come to address me by combining my first and last name into one word over the years, Joshscott, but my first name works just as well. I’m excited to be interning here!

M: Japanese food is my favorite too! For those of you who don’t follow Josh on Instagram, his mom makes the most a-mazing bento lunches for him!

joshscott1Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 4.45.35 PM

#bentmom (courtesy of josh’s instagram)

M: We’re excited to have you interning, too! What ministry will you be involved with this summer? Looking forward to anything in particular?

J: This summer, I’ll be primarily involved with the junior high youth ministry. I look forward to building up relationships with the students and their parents and sharing and fostering a love for Christ with them.

M: That’s awesome! I’m sure you’ll get to build lots of great relationships this summer (and beyond!). Have you gotten to know the staff pretty well? Any weird stories?

J: I’d love to tell some hilarious story about the staff but honestly it’s just been a humbling experience to be able to go into the office and be surrounded by such godly and God-fearing people everyday. Each word and action displays their humility and ministry experience in the most loving of ways and I hope I can learn much from their teaching me directly but also just by simply observing how they do ministry and live life.

josh and jude

photo of josh with (not his) kid, courtesy of josh! 

M: Aw, that’s nice. Though I know your loyalties (sports-wise) are back at home in the Bay Area…?

J: Giants/Warriors/Sharks/49ers/Earthquakes > Dodgers/Lakers/Kings/Rams/Galaxy

M: Haha! I’m sure there will be plenty of good debates in the office (and around church!) as we continue into baseball season. Awesome! How can we be praying for you?

J: Please pray that I would grow closer to Christ through this internship opportunity and for strength to finish well at Talbot over the summer and fall. Thank you!

Now that you know him a little better, be sure to introduce yourself to Josh! You can usually catch him playing drums on the worship teams, hanging out at Praxis, or helping out with the youth group. Be sure to say hi!