Kim’s Links: Theology and Life

Brothers and Sisters,

This week’s links will have a bit of a theological focus, but with the intent of practical application, growing worship, and increased faith.

Am I really saved? (2 articles)

These first two focus on the idea of assurance of salvation. Many Christians wrestle with the question, “I am really saved?” In these articles Tim Challies discusses how we can rest in the assurance of our salvation. The two articles are here and here

Shellfish, slavery and same-sex marriage: How not to read the Bible

This next one is a helpful way to look at claims made about the Bible that we can disregard certain ethical commands because certain ceremonial commands have been done away with.

Jesus affirms the moral integrity of God’s laws expressed in the Old Testament, and their abiding character and application for us today, but re-establishes them for his disciples in a non-ceremonial and non-cultic manner, as befits the age of fulfilment that Jesus came to bring.

The Doctrine of the Trinity: No Christianity Without It

This next one by Kevin DeYoung focuses on the doctrine of the Trinity. It is both a clear primer on the subject, but also offers some reasons why the doctrine is significant.

Famous Bible Translation Mistakes throughout History

This last one is a bit more humorous than sanctifying, but I am guessing a few of you could use some humor today. It is on famous Bible translation mistakes throughout history.

In the second edition of the Geneva Bible, Matthew 5:9 reads “Blessed are the placemakers: for they shall be called the children of God”. The correct translation is peacemakers. My mother used to quote this every time she would make me set the table. Curse you mom!!

That is it for now. I look forward to worshiping with you on Sunday.

By His Grace,
pastor kim