Kim’s Links: Thankfulness

Lighthouse Family,

I hope you are well. In light of Thanksgiving coming up, the links this week focus on thankfulness. John Piper says, “Proud people don’t give thanks.” I know I am too proud and not thankful enough, and so I hope these articles encourage your heart, like mine:

6 Ways to Cultivate Thankfulness and Joy & 4 Spiritual Blessings to Be Thankful For 

These first two links are simple encouragements on how to grow in thankfulness. 6 Ways give practical ways to grow a heart of thankfulness, and 4 Spiritual Blessings reminds us biblically why we can be thankful and what a joy it is to celebrate a season of thankfulness.

Dealing with Holiday Loneliness 

This next one deals with loneliness and the holidays. “Loneliness is not an experience to shun or despise. It is a very real emotion that God uses for good in our lives. The purpose of loneliness is to draw us to God and to others in a godly way.”

I’m Thankful that I Became Blind 

This last one is a brief expert from Fanny Crosby’s biography (the great hymn writer), on why she was thankful to be blind. An excerpt – “One is, that I know, although it may have been a blunder on the physician’s part, it was no mistake of God’s. I verily believe it was His intention that I should live my days in physical darkness, so as to be better prepared to sing His praises and incite others so to do. I could not have written thousands of hymns—many of which, if you will pardon me for repeating it, are sung all over the world— if I had been hindered by the distractions of seeing all the interesting and beautiful objects that would have been presented to my notice.”

God bless and I look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday.

By His Grace,
Pastor Kim