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Brothers and Sisters,
After a break it is good to be back and (hopefully) encourage you through some helpful resources. I mentioned from the pulpit that I would offer some resources to encourage you devotional reading from the Word so that you might be transformed by it on a daily basis.

ESV Study Bible Resources
First I really want to commend the section at the back of the ESV Study Bible called, “Reading the Bible” (pages 2567-2575 in the hardback edition). It has some excellent articles including Reading the Bible in Prayer and Communion with God by John Piper, Reading the Bible Theologically by JI Packer, andReading the Word for Personal Application by David Powlison.

Making the Bible Come Alive in Devotional Times

The next is an article by Josh Blount where he summarizes some of Powlison’s thoughts

Questions for Bible Study

Here are some simple questions you can ask as you study through a passage.

Women of the Word

This next one is a book for women on studying the Word that has come highly recommended (including by some of the women in our church) called “Women of the Word.”

6 Tips for Memorizing Scripture

Here are some tips on memorizing Scripture in your own life.

Making More Time to Read

This next article is on how to make more time for reading. It is referring to reading in general, but if you are struggling to find time to study God’s Word trying applying some of these ideas to that area of your life as well!
Lastly, one thing I will do is read a devotional commentary on a book of the Bible that I am studying in my personal devotions (a devotional commentary is a non-technical explanation of the text that usually focuses on worship and personal growth). I have enjoyed reading R Kent Hughes’ commentaries from his Preach the Word series as I study through different passages (right now I am studying through 2 Corinthians and enjoying his study on it). Pastor Tim recently read Michael Card’s devotional commentary on Mark called “The Gospel of Passion.” If you are studying through a particular book, ask one of the pastors and they might be able to give you a recommendation.

I hope those help as you let God’s Word transform your life. I look forward to worshiping with you on Sunday.

By His Grace,

pastor kim

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