Kim’s Links: Living Faithfully in the Church

Brothers and Sisters,
In light of our study through “The Life of God in the Soul of the Church” and the Pyo’s testimonies this past Sunday , I thought I would offer a few links on how we live faithfully in the church.

6 Reasons to Be a Member of a Church

This first one is really answering the question, “why be a member of a local church?” Though some would claim that they don’t need church to live out their faith, Scripture would disagree. This article offers great (and Biblical) reasons we should be a part of the church.
Joining a local church demonstrates a certain level of commitment. It shows that you want to be more than a bystander, that you want to be involved in ministry in a more significant way. Joining a local church is like entering into a covenant relationship with other believers in order to love them as an active part of a spiritual family (1 Jn 4:7). We also need the spiritual oversight and soul care of faithful shepherds (Heb 13:17).”

Dos and Don’ts of Welcoming Newcomers to Church

At Lighthouse we have a Connections’ Ministry that focuses on meeting and greeting newcomers and getting them connected with needed resources. But as much as it is a formal ministry, it really should a ministry we are all involved in. As someone who has had to move multiple times in the past couple of years, Melody Maxwell offers some ideas on welcoming people to church.

37 Ways to Love One Another

This next one I have posted before, but I think it is well worth taking another look at. Paul Tautges writes on 37 ways to love one another. I encourage you to pick 1 or 2 specific ones and try to live them out in small groups and this coming Sunday.

5 Ways God’s People Minister God’s Grace

This last one has initial application to counselors, but I think all of us need to try to live these out.

I am looking forward to living out these truths with you this coming Sunday.
By His Grace and For His Glory,
pastor kim