Kim’s Links: Faith and Infertility

Brothers and Sisters,

In light of this last Sunday and our focus on God’s love in our suffering with a testimony on the struggle of infertility, I wanted to have links that focus on how we should understand the pain of infertility in light of our faith.

The Grace of Suffering in the Kajikawa Family (audio)

First, on Sunday Pastor Gavin and Lorraine were gracious to give us a glimpse of their hearts and the suffering they have gone through. A few years ago, they shared a more extended testimony. I encourage you to listen to it and let God’s grace bring hope to your heart like it did theirs.

The Bible and the Pain of Infertility

This first post links to a well written article discussing the reality of suffering as well as the hope found in Christ by a couple who went through infertility (make sure you read the linked to article).

Seeing Infertility as God’s Mercy

This next one offers hope amidst infertility by a couple who has struggled through it.

We believed that when the time was right—the time we determined—God would give us children. Whether we admitted it or not, we believed that we had a right to this, and when it didn’t happen, we responded in anger and bitterness—unseen anger at others, but more pointedly, anger at God. Being parents became so important to us that we began to look there for hope and identity.”

Counseling Series on Infertility

This last is really a four part series on the Biblical Counseling Coalition website on Infertility. The first is called “Infertility: Silent, but Very Painful Suffering

The next is about “Stewarding Your Infertility

The third article is titled, “Ministering to Those Struggling with Infertility

The last article is about “Creating a Culture Where Infertility Can be Discussed

May God you know God’s grace in your suffering and that suffering is a grace.
By His Grace and For His Glory,
pastor kim