Kim’s Links: Encouragements in Serving

Lighthouse Family,

I trust that you are enjoying God’s many graces this week. In light of our past Sunday’s message on serving, here are some articles to encourage your heart as you minister to others.

The Most Riveting Description of the Goal of Christian living I’ve Ever Read

In this first article, I would agree with David Powlison that Warfield’s description of the Christian life is stunning.

Checklists for Effective Meetings and Persuasive Proposals 
This next offers some practical advice on meetings (very few of our ministries get to avoid meetings!)

Proud Spirits and Humble Hearts

These last couple of articles are meant to encourage humility. On Sunday it was said that when life is about grace and not glory you will grow as a servant. Spend some time this week meditating on this chart to encourage your humility and desire for grace.

22 Ways to Humble Ourselves 

Lastly, I thought this article offered some helpful ways to grow in humility.

I hope these are a blessing to you and I look forward to our time of worship on Sunday.
By His Grace,
Pastor Kim