Jesse’s Links: Reading the Bible

Hey Lighthouse!

I’m still here in California (funny story: someone this past Sunday thought I had moved to Texas already and welcomed me back) but I am on my way out to the Lone Star State very soon. This is my last time posting links on the Lighthouse website probably. But don’t let that guilt you into reading.

The links I wanted to show you all have to do with the Bible. All of us should have some familiarity with the Bible and all of us should be spending time in the Bible regularly. But I know how it is. It’s not easy. There are a lot of issues that keep us from even wanting to read the Bible in the first place—it’s too hard to understand, doesn’t seem immediately applicable, we don’t feel like we have any time.

Here are some links to help:

The Bible Project [to help you understand the Bible better]

Okay so here’s the deal. You’re invited to this thing—dinner party, work event, something like that—and you can think of literally no one you know who is going. It’s kinda awkward, right? You kinda don’t want to go, right? When you get there what’s the one possibility that will, guaranteed, make you feel better? A familiar face. A friend!

This is what The Bible Project is. It’s a friend…who also introduces you to a bunch of other people at the party. The Bible can be unfamiliar and hard to navigate and intimidating to a lot of us. But what the creators of The Bible Project have done is help explain key theme that run throughout the entire Bible. They also do awesome summaries of whole books of the Bible. In a word they make the Bible accessible.

The Bible Project is amazing. Oh yeah, you want to know what it is? Sorry, forgot to explain it. The Bible Project is a FREE series of videos available to help people like you and me learn the Bible. The videos are all 5-10 minutes long or so and good for adults and kids.

(Full disclosure I haven’t watched every single video but I’ve liked all the ones I’ve seen so far. Click on the link above or right here.)

David Murray on Reigniting Your Bible Reading [to help you get back on track]

Are you maybe, kinda bored with your current approach to reading the Bible? Check out these suggestions from pastor, professor, and author David Murray.

Professor Grant Horner’s Reading Plan [to help you who are looking for a challenge]

Grant Horner is a professor at The Master’s College and he personally developed a Bible reading plan that has helped him REALLY know his Bible. I know a guy who has been doing it and he really likes it (this is actually not just his plan but blogger Tim Challies’ article on it):

The “Absurdity” of the Bible [to help you think about the Bible at more of a meta level]

Here’s a short video of a Christian scholar answering a common question/accusation posed to Christians about the Bible. This might be helpful if you want an idea on how to better understand how we interpret the Bible or if you want to better explain to someone else the same issue.

I hope something here helps you. Now let’s take up and read, as they say. Or at least let’s watch one of The Bible Project videos.

See you soon,


About the Author: Jesse Terasaki is an Associate Pastor at Lighthouse Community Church, and will soon be leading Lighthouse’s church
plant, Life Community Church, in Plano, Texas. He enjoys spending time with his wife Christine and daughter Peyton, and thinking of movie ideas.