Gavin’s Links: God’s Worldwide Mission

Dear Church Family,
This past Sunday our theme was “To Live Coram Deo,” meaning “To live before the face of God.” This theme was the backdrop of using our lives as living sacrifices here in the South Bay and in other countries around the globe.
The following links will help you to expand your view of what God is doing around this world and how He may be calling you to be involved with spreading His glory!

The Life Worth Living for Christ is a Life Worth Losing (video sermon)

In December of last year, a group of college students and staffers attended the Cross Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. It was their inaugural conference spearheaded by folks from Together for the Gospel.

All of the messages are moving and biblical, but Matt Chandler’s message really spoke to me. It’s titled “The Life Worth Living for Christ is a Life Worth Losing” from Philippians 1:21.

The History of Student Missions (video)

The second link is a video on the history of how God used students to spread the gospel around the world. It’s a great overview! May it also spark your prayers for our college students to go and steward their lives for God’s kingdom!

How American Christians Can Help Christians in Zambia (article)

Here is an article from IX Marks by Conrad Mbewe. As you read this article, you can think about Kim Lee as she serves in Uganda.

Missions, Evangelism, and the Sovereignty of God (blog post)

Kevin DeYoung wrote a blog post that helps explain and tie these ideas together.
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What is God’s Global Urban Mission? (video sermon)

And I end with a paradigm shifting devotional (16 minutes) from Timothy Keller that he gave in Cape Town for the Lausanne Movement. You may not totally agree with what he says, but it’s quite thought provoking for us as Christians in how we view the world. His devotional focuses on the church’s need to reach the global cities.

Continue to be in prayer for our Lighthouse missionaries: Dan and Jess Lim (International Students, Inc.), Erin Kawaye (OMF International), Sam and Susan Ahn (ZOE International), and Kim Lee (Africa Inland Mission – Uganda).
May God grow our hearts for His glory around the globe!
Pastor Gavin