Francis’ Links: Tips for Bible Reading for the New Year

As we begin the new year, I’m sure many of us have resolved to read God’s Word more consistently. What a great resolution! I love the picture that Psalm 1 gives about the man who delights on the law of  the LORD and meditates on it day and night. The psalmist says that this man is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season. We need a consistent intake of God’s Word in order to grow.

Personally, one of the most valuable things that I’ve learned about growing in my time in God’s Word is to be specific and strategic with my reading. That’s why Bible reading plans are so helpful. Here are a few that you can use this upcoming year:

M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan

For the M’Cheyne Bible reading plan, you read approximately four chapters from four different places in the Bible. It’s a very reasonable amount of reading per day and you get to read from different genres and multiple parts of the Bible.

Chronological Bible Reading Plan

Although the Bible starts with creation in Genesis and ends with Christ’s return in Revelation, everything in between doesn’t necessarily fall in chronological order. This chronological Bible reading plan is helpful in understanding where the books and events of the Bible fit with each other, especially in the Old Testament.

5 Day Bible Reading Program 

Need a break? This Bible reading plan takes you through the Bible in one year while only reading five times a week. This plan is also chronological so it’s helpful in gaining a better grasp of the narrative of the Bible.

Professr Grant Horner’s Bible-Reading System 

Professor Horner’s Bible reading system takes you through a set of ten different lists. Each day, you read one chapter from each of the lists from ten different places in the Bible for a total of ten chapters a day. When you reach the end of a list, you go back to the beginning of that list. It’s quite a bit of reading each day and it’s a lot of places to read from at once, but Horner’s encouragement is to try it for a month and you’ll become more and more familiar with the Bible.

Bible Reading Chart 

Bible reading plans not for you? Use this Bible reading chart and read at your own pace.

The Bible Project (Jesse plugged this last year in his Staff Links, as well – staff favorite!)

The Bible Project was started by Pastor Tim Mackie and Jonathan Collins. Their reading plan takes you straight through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, as well as praying through a Psalm each day. What’s really neat about the Bible Project are the videos that they created to help supplement your Bible reading. There are videos that explain the background and narrative of each individual book of the Bible, as well as other videos that explain certain themes that run throughout the entire Bible. Even if you don’t follow their reading plan, these are still great resources for gaining a greater understanding of the narrative of the Bible.

Happy Reading!

See you,