Erisa’s Links: Counseling Tools and Resources

This week’s links are brought to us by Erisa Mita. Erisa began a part-time biblical counseling internship at Lighthouse just a few months ago, and she hopes to use her training to help bring the gospel and biblical counseling to her home country of Japan! Find out more about her at the end of these links, and say “hi” if you see her around!

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

First, I would like to say that it has been an amazing journey to intern at Lighthouse under the Biblical Counseling ministry. Your leaders are passionate about God, His Word and have a true love for you all!

Through this internship, several counseling opportunities have opened up which gave me the opportunity to discover several tools I like to use in encouraging people through life’s difficulties. These tools efficiently gather heart motives, situations and are a certain aid in giving profitable instruction. Here are some resources that I like to use.


1. Overcoming Fear, Worry and Anxiety by Elyse Fitzpatrick – If there is anyone struggling with fear or anxiety, it would be profitable to study this book together and have them answer the questions at the end of each chapter.
2. Judging Others by Ken Sande – This booklet helps one to recognize the danger of judging others instead without evaluating one’s on heart. It’s also available for free as a three part post here.
3. Jay Adams’ What Do You Do? Pamphlets – Great resource to give someone who is struggling with these specific topics; It is a good introduction pamphlet to Biblical Counseling.
4. Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands by Paul David Tripp – Great tool if you would like to learn how to better help and minister to people.
5. From Pride to Humility by Stuart Scott – Pride is at the core of every person. This powerful booklet is a great read for anyone who is serious about growing in Christ.
6. Because He Loves Me by Elyse Fitzpatrick – Many Christians live without recognizing the power of the Gospel in their daily lives. This book leads the reader’s heart back to Christ’s work on the cross.
7. Depression: A Stubborn Darkness by Ed Welch – Explains the Biblical cause and counsel for depression.


1. CCEF Blog (Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation)

5. Faith Church, Lafayette, IN Blog

Erisa Mita serves as an intern in Lighthouse’s biblical counseling ministry.  She hopes to be involved in missions and to contribute to the development of making Biblical Counseling available to churches in Japan. Erisa is originally from Japan and graduated from the Master’s College with an M.A. in Biblical Counseling.

Her passion is to disciple and counsel people through God’s Word. Erisa enjoys spending time with friends, cooking, reading and the outdoors.