Eric Cai’s Links: God’s Greatness on the Internet

Just as some links are for your spiritual edification; so also, some links are for, well, your personal enjoyment (not that edification and enjoyment are mutually exclusive things!).
I will say at the outset that the following links are not organized according to a particular theme. In fact, they’re organized according to…what I normally skim through on my daily Interweb perusal. But…since we’re gearing up for our all-church retreat, I did want us to be thinking more about God’s greatness in every day life beginning with…

God’s greatness in daily Youtube videos:

I saw this circulating on my Facebook feed. Whimsical.

God’s greatness in daily humor:

I started following @FakeJohnPiper since 2011 and, needless to say, he does not fail to impress. It’s a hilarious parody of John Piper. (Editor’s note: This Twitter account pokes lighthearted fun at a man we have been tremendously blessed and taught by. No disrespect to John Piper is intended or felt.)

God’s greatness in theological musings:

Andy Naselli has a lot of good things to say about theology and has interesting theological finds/musings.

God’s greatness in creation:

Not many people know this about me, but since this is public, everyone will now know that I love watching time lapse videos of nature. The link above is time-lapse gold.

God’s greatness in daily edification:

I’ll let this blog post speak for itself:
…All that time abstracting theories from facts so conditioned Darwin’s mind for analysis that he lost his enjoyment of beauty. He lost the forest to the trees. He lost the poetry of life to the dry prose of life data.”

eric-caiEric Cai serves as a part-time intern with Lighthouse’s youth ministry. His hope is to proclaim the name of Christ in such a way as to present everyone mature in Christ. During his time at Lighthouse, he has come to appreciate the church’s reliance upon God and his sovereign provision, as well as the loyalty and support of the church leadership and family. In his free time, he enjoys reading, sightseeing, Wikipedia-ing, spending time with family, and music.