Episode 67: Heaven, Our Home

“In Heaven, God will surely and finally overwhelm our heartbreaks. God will knit closed the wounds of war, schism, disease, and brokenness. God will erase the scars of sin; sorrow will reign no more.”

Family Worship

Family Worship Devotional Download

– I Will Glory In My Redeemer by Sovereign Grace
– Arrived by Enfield

Icebreaker Question: When you think of heaven, what comes to mind?

Key Idea:

– Heaven is our home.

– The Heaven of Scripture exceeds anything that we could ever conceive.
– In light of so glorious a Heaven, persevere, all the way Home.

Discussion Questions:
1. What was something that stood out to you from today’s TFTT?
2. What aspect of heaven helps you to persevere?
3. What in your life prevents you from longing for heaven?

Prayer Topics:
1. For God to set our minds on things that are above, on Him, not the things of earth (Col 3:2).
2. For God to give us the grace to repent for being in love with the things of the world.
3. For God to show us the infinite worthiness of Himself, revealed in the glorious person and work of Jesus Christ.