Episode 54: Loving Your Wife

“We love because He first loved us. And one of the ways that we can imitate Christ’s love is to love first, to initiate, to be the one to make the first move and take the first step in moving towards our wives. What might that look like in your life? I’d encourage you to take some time to sit down and maybe even put your ideas down on paper, and as you hopefully put these things into practice, I trust that your wives will be blessed by it.”

Family Worship

Family Worship Devotional Download

Read Psalm 36

Icebreaker Question:
• What are some ways that you’ve seen dad love mom that you really appreciate?
• What is an example of someone surprising you or doing something kind for you out of the blue that you really appreciated?

Key Verse: 1 John 4:19

Key Idea: We can imitate Jesus’ love by loving first and initiating.
• An initiating kind of love takes thoughtfulness and intentionality. It doesn’t just respond to others’ love for us, but creatively and thoughtfully considers how to love others first.
• An initiating kind of love takes humility. It’s hard to be the first one to say sorry and ask for forgiveness, to move towards others, or to confess sin.

Discussion Questions:
• What are some instances when it’s difficult for you to want to go first? Why is it difficult?
• What are some practical ways that you can demonstrate Jesus’ love by making the first move? Try to think of specific situations or examples.

Prayer Focuses:
• Pray for the husbands at Lighthouse to love their wives and lead their families well. Pray for struggling marriages.
• Pray that God would grow all of us as people who are willing to take the first step to love others.