Episode 51: Loving the Difficult

“When you’re saved, you’re not just getting a perfect Father in heaven who is loving you perfectly and endlessly, you are getting thousands of imperfect siblings on earth, and nobody will treat you just the way you would like. But that is part of God’s perfect design to help us display his love, and better understand the way he has loved us.”

Family Worship

Family Worship Devotional Download

Open In Prayer

– How Deep the Father’s Love for Us
– He Will Hold Me Fast

Icebreaker Question: What is one of your pet peeves when eating in a restaurant? What is a small annoyance that perhaps distracts you and makes it difficult to love when you are eating with people?

• Passage: Romans 13:8-10
• Key idea: We can only love those who are difficult as we understand God’s love for us

o Write down the name of someone you’d like to love better in this Coronavirus season:
o Write down any specific ways you need to repent of transactional love or a lack of love:
o Now write a specific way you would like to love them:
o Write down when you will pursue putting on love in this way:
o Pray for the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to enable you to love like him in this way and to be open to whatever opportunities he brings to love as you have been loved by him

Discussion Questions
• How do you decide when to love? What are proactive steps you can take to pursue loving others?
• How do you know when your love is from the overflow of Christ’s love versus a transaction?
• What are some definitions of love from the world? How does the gospel uniquely define and shape love?

Ideas for Prayer
• Pray for our church family to grow in loving one another as we have been loved by Christ
• For one week, take time at the end of each day to do an inventory of your love. Consider who you loved, when your love was like Christ, and where it was more of a transaction. Then praise God for the ways his grace enabled you to love, confess any lack of love, and pray for specific ways you would like to put on love in your relationships for the next day.