Episode 46: Evangelism During a Pandemic

“Let’s make the most of our days for Christ and the gospel. May we share our faith frequently. May we share it from Scripture. And may we share it with all fervor for His glory.”

Family Worship

Family Worship Devotional Download

Open in Prayer

Worship Songs
• Let Your Kingdom Come
• Mighty to Save
• O Church Arise

Icebreaker Question: What hinders you from sharing your faith this season?

Passage: Acts 18:23-31

23 When they had appointed a day for him, they came to him at his lodging in greater numbers. From morning till evening he expounded to them, testifying to the kingdom of God and trying to convince them about Jesus both from the Law of Moses and from the Prophets. 24 And some were convinced by what he said, but others disbelieved. 25 And disagreeing among themselves, they departed after Paul had made one statement: “The Holy Spirit was right in saying to your fathers through Isaiah the prophet: 26 “‘Go to this people, and say, “You will indeed hear but never understand, and you will indeed see but never perceive.” 27 For this people’s heart has grown dull, and with their ears they can barely hear,
and their eyes they have closed; lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their heart and turn, and I would heal them.’ 28 Therefore let it be known to you that this salvation of God has been sent to the Gentiles; they will listen.” 30 He lived there two whole years at his own expense, and welcomed all who came to him, 31 proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance.

Key Idea: As followers of Christ we are called to share our faith 1) frequently, 2) from Scripture, and 3) fervently

Discussion Questions:
1. What stands out to you in the way Paul shares his faith with others?
2. Whom has God placed in your life for you to share your faith with? Please take some time to pray for them now and throughout the week.
3. What are some specific and practical ways that you can share your faith with unbelievers during this difficult time?

Spend time in prayer as a family

Prayer Focuses:
1. For unbelievers in our lives who are suffering and in need of help
 That we would be able to help meet our neighbors’ needs as part of our gospel witness
2. For the community of Lighthouse
 That we would continue to grow in our culture of evangelism and share our faith with unbelieving neighbors
3. For the ministry of the gospel
 That the Lord would bear fruit from our witness and draw our friends, family, and neighbors to Himself