Episode 45: What is the Church? An Evangelizing Community

“What is the church? One answer is that the church is an evangelizing community. We are a community who speaks the gospel and sends gospel preachers. How are you currently participating in two ways of being involved in evangelism? Let me encourage you to consider how you can glorify God in these ways.”

Family Worship

Family Worship Devotional Download

Open in Prayer

• How Great is our God
• I Love To Tell The Story

Icebreaker question: Share about a time you either shared or heard good news from another person such someone coming to Christ, a friend getting engaged, someone getting into their dream school or good news from a doctor. What emotions did you experience? Were you excited? What was your energy level?

Devotional Passage: Romans 10:13-15

Key Idea: The church is an evangelizing community who speaks the gospel and sends gospel preachers.

Application and Questions:
• Pick at least one person you would like to share the gospel within the next 6 months.
o Write down at least one way you can create an opportunity to talk. For example, schedule a time to have a socially distanced dinner or coffee, FaceTime or email your concerns and a summary of the gospel.
• How would you feel if one of the leaders at Lighthouse asked you to share the gospel with someone who wants to know about Jesus? Do you feel equipped? Would you be nervous? Would you be excited? Why would you feel this way?
• Do you already have a well thought out way to share the gospel such as Two Ways To Live? If you don’t, write down the key points of the gospel message and organize them into a 1-2 minute presentation or find a method you are comfortable with such as Two Ways To Live.
• Go through your presentation at least once.
• Are you currently providing financial support to anyone who works in full-time ministry? Ask God if you should take a more active role in being a sender by providing prayer or financial support.

Ideas for prayer:
• Pray by name for specific people you would like to share the gospel with. Ask God to make their heart soft and receptive to the Word and for courage to initiate a conversation.
• Pray for those who labor in ministry such as pastors, campus ministers, missionaries and those who work to support them. Ask God to provide for their financial needs and to provide the physical rest and spiritual encouragement they need.