Episode 44: Strengthening and Growing Community

“As a church family, we have to fight the pressures of the culture and the deceitfulness of our hearts that tell us not to get too close right now and not to share too much right now. But if we are truly to love one another and look out for their greatest good, then we must create moments where we give grace to one another and grow together to be more like Christ.”

Family Worship

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Open in Prayer

– There is a Higher Throne (Gettys)
– Still, My Soul Be Still (Gettys)

Icebreaker question: Who has demonstrated Christ to you in this season? How did they love that reflected our savior?

Passage: Ephesians 4:29
Key Idea: The love of Christ teaches how to move toward one another even when many things threaten to keep us apart

Application and Questions:
– Create occasions for conversation
o How can you create space to deepen relationships?
o Who do you need to check-in with and how might you pursue building them up in love?
– Affirm Grace
o Consider the people who God has placed around you this season. Who has shown you Christ?
o What did they do to demonstrate Christ?
o How have you sought to affirmed those displays of grace?
– Enter into suffering
o Consider who God has placed in your life for you to love and reach out to?
o How can you care for their suffering, even at a distance?
o Compassion requires proximity, we need to be close to show that we care. So how might we pursue relational closeness while we are physically separated?
o How has God brought hope to you in this time and how might you share it with others?
– Carefully confront sin
o What temptations are you and those you love facing in this season?
o Who might you approach with humility to check-in with the temptations they are facing and to walk with them to more deeply know God’s grace and truth?

Ideas for prayer:
– Pray for our church to know how to build one another up in love while we shelter in place.
– Pray that our hope would stay fixed on Christ and all conversations would be used by God to deepen our hope in his steadfast love that carries us through this valley.