Episode 27: Loving Our Church Family Better

“Beloved, while present circumstances keep us from fully embracing one another, by God’s grace we get the amazing privilege of being involved in each other’s lives through things like Zoom, e-mails, phone calls, and texts. We get to still be involved in each other’s lives by dropping off food and groceries. But I hope these experiences always draw you back to His touch that enables us to move toward others because God has moved toward us.”

Family Worship

Family Worship Devotional Download

Suggested Worship Songs:
– O Church Arise
– Beneath the Cross of Jesus

Icebreaker: Can you share a time when someone took time to really get to know you? How did that person do it and how did that touch you?

Passage: Luke 5:12-13.

Key Idea: We can love and move toward one another because Christ has loved and moved toward us.

Discussion Questions
1. What are some reasons or obstacles in your life or in your heart that keep you from loving others in your church well – whether it’s because you feel like you don’t know them, have no commonalities, etc.?
2. Can you share specifically how Jesus moved toward you? Take time to talk about how Jesus met you personally and saved you.
3. How does Jesus moving toward you encourage you to love those in our church well?
4. Can you name one person from Lighthouse that you plan to move toward? What will you do this week to begin that journey toward them?

1. Pray for one person at Lighthouse that you can reach out to and move toward.
2. Pray for what they share about.
3. Pray for ways you can continue to love that person better and more deeply.