Episode 24: Fully Known

“God’s knowledge of you isn’t just cold, impersonal information. It’s a personal, intimate, wise, loving care and concern for his creation. That’s why David can pray “Search me and know me.”

Family Worship

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Open In Prayer

– My Life is an Offering
– Give Me Jesus
– Come Thou Fount

Icebreaker Question: Who is someone that knows you really well? How is their relationship with you different than your other relationships?

• Passage: Psalm 139
• Key idea: We can ask God to “search me and know me” because God’s knowledge of us is accompanied by His care and concern for us.
• Application:
o Spend time in God’s Word (Heb 4:12)
o Give others license to speak into your life

Discussion Questions
• Meditate on these truths from Psalm 139. What are some ways that these realities change your life? For example, “Because God knows me, then…”
o God knows you (vv. 1-6)
o God is with you (vv. 7-12)
o God made you (vv. 13-18)
• What are some things that make it hard for you to pray along with David, “God, search me and know me”? In other words, what makes it hard for you when God reveals to you the “grievous ways” in your heart?
• Even though it might be kind of a scary thing to ask God to reveal the parts of our hearts that have gone wrong, it is a safe thing to ask Him because of the gospel. How does the gospel transform what it means to be “known by God”?
• Who are some people that you want invite to speak truth into your life?

Ideas for Prayer
• Spend time in confession before God and pray along with the psalmist that God would search you and know you.
• God knows you, as well as every single detail about your life. In this season, there are so many things that we don’t know. Pray “God, I don’t know ______, but you know _______.”
• Pray that God would help you to be consistent in the Word and that your times would be a means of understanding your own heart and God more.