Episode 23: Contentment

“It’s taken a pandemic and all economy to come to a screeching halt for us to realize that the world turns not on our hands, but on his. Coronavirus makes us realize that even our daily bread is a gift from God that we don’t control. We don’t know when empty shelves will be restocked; we don’t know when we’ll be able to see our friends again. But when we recognize that God runs the show, it brings a calming sanity to our souls despite our surrounding insanity.”

Family Worship

Family Worship Devotional Download

Open In Prayer

Be Still, My Soul
Christ Our Hope in Life and Death
To the Only God

Icebreaker Question: What activities at home have brought you peace and rest lately?

• Passage: Psalm 131
• Key idea: We find contentment when we know our place, when we embrace our limitations, and when we look to Jesus
• Application:
o Contentment is found when we give up trying to be God or assume the role of God in our lives
 We must embrace our limitations
o Contentment is found when look to Jesus by submitting ourselves under his easy yoke
 We must turn to Jesus and not our ability to control the environment
 We are weak but He is strong

Discussion Questions
• During this season, what are the areas that you and your family have tried to control?
• When we try to control these areas, what happens? What responses emerge as we try to control our lives?
• When we recognize Jesus is the ruler, what happens instead? What responses emerge when Jesus is in control?

Ideas for Prayer
• Pray for contentment in Jesus, not our circumstances
o A deep and abiding contentment that is not based on circumstances, but on Jesus
• Pray for contentment as witness as well
o That as Jesus reigns in our lives that a calm contentment would flow out into the lives of others