Episode 16: Worshiping Christ on the Way to Easter

“I believe that one good thing that is coming out of the COVID-19 crisis is that people are reconsidering what is truly important in life and this includes questions about God and what happens after we die. How can you be faithful in sharing Christ? What about generously helping families who are struggling financially? If God has given you more than you need, can you help others who don’t have enough? I know that many people have lost their jobs or had their incomes reduced and are now in need. Loving others like this are but a few ways that we can worship Jesus.”

Family Worship

Family Worship Devotional Download

1. Sing songs that focus on worship or praise
o 10,000 Reasons
o Blessed Assurance
o Cornerstone
2. Read Psalm 86:8-10 and then share or journal about a great and marvelous thing that you have seen God do recently.

Icebreaker: who or what would a good friend say you worship? It could be a certain person, sports team, restaurant, clothing label, etc. Why would they say that about you?

• Key Ideas:
1. Worship with total commitment
2. Worship by being faithful with what we have

Discussion Questions
1. What causes you to hold back from worshipping Christ with total commitment?
2. What false promises do these things in question #1 seem to make? What makes them so attractive?
3. In what ways are you being faithful in serving and worshipping with what God has given to you? In what ways can you grow in faithfulness?

1. Pray that God would reveal what is holding you back from worshipping him fully. We may not know because we haven’t asked. Approach God with great humility as you begin to pray.
2. Repent of these things that hold you back and ask God to forgive you. Thank God for revealing the idols of your heart and turn away from them.
3. Ask God to bless you by growing you into a committed and faithful worshipper of him.