Episode 11: Singles, Church Family, and Coronavirus

“The presence of the single person are gifts for the church, just as married couples are gifts for the church, because your presence helps the church learn what the sufficiency of Jesus looks like in the face of what feels like the endless frustration of your deepest earthly desires.”

Family Worship

Family Worship Devotional Download

Open In Prayer

– Knowing You
– All I Have Is Christ
– The Church’s One Foundation

Icebreaker Question: Who are the people that you are not biologically related to, but consider family? Share why.

• Passage: Mark 10:28-30
• Key idea: Jesus redefines what we think family is.
• Application:
o Families are to move toward singles
 Zoom hangouts and inviting singles to share in your world
 Group chats
o Singles are to move toward families
 Developing a relationship and presence with families
 How can you meet the needs of families that you know?

Discussion Questions
• Who are the single aunties and uncles in your life that you would like to reach out to?
• Come up with ways on reaching out to these aunties and uncles. What encouragement are they in need of?
• How can you continue to have them in your life during this season and beyond?

Ideas for Prayer
• With the people that you had in mind, pray for these individuals! What are their needs and concerns right now?
• Pray that during this season of not being able to meet, that Lighthouse would still be united, not divided
• Pray for the rest of our church family
o Families
o Empty nesters
o Singles
o The single parent
o Married couples
o The divorced
o The widowed
o Those who would like to have children but don’t currently have children