Cross Words

In my desire to live a Gospel-centered life, I found myself reflecting on the Gospel each day. Earlier this year, I had been meditating on the reality of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and why it was necessary. One of the things that came out of this reflection was the idea of visually depicting specific sins that Christ died for as opposed to Jesus’ body on the cross. The other thing that came out of the reflection was the idea of owning up to sin. There are many sins listed in the illustration and many of which I identify with. In understanding my sinfulness and separation from God, the reality of Jesus’ costly sacrifice to redeem us, and His power over sin and death thru His resurrection, I can’t help but live with joy, freedom and obedience to God who brought me out of spiritual death into eternal life. No one is innocent (Romans 3:10), each is guilty (Romans 3:23), and Christ willingly and obediently died for all of us (Philippians 2:5-8).

Cross Words by Peter Chen. Copyright 2014. Please do not copy, download or distribute without written consent from the artist.

Peter Chen is a graphic artist who attends Lighthouse with his wife Jenn and son Garret.

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