Japan Missions – Nagoya (Week 1)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The following Japan missions update is from 6/29/18 and written by Lighthouse member, Cindy Kobayashi. Stay tuned for more Japan missions updates![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Hi Friends!

I’ve been here in Nagoya for about a week now, and I wanted to thank you SO much for your support and prayers! As some of you know, I was a bit anxious about flying in by myself, but the Lord provided a very smooth, hiccup-free travel the entire way, for which I am so thankful!

I’m staying at an apartment of a family who are on home assignment back in the States. I am so thankful to have this beautiful space as my home for the next month, and one of the other summer interns is my roommate! We get along really well, and God has been so good to provide these things! I’ve been drinking Japanese milk and apple juice pretty much every day, I’ve probably walked more this past week than I have in the entire year of 2018 so far, and also amazed by how the Japanese women here always look so put together and don’t show ANY sweat, even in 90 degree weather with 80% humidity

It’s hard to believe that I’ve only been here a week- it feels a lot longer (in a good way!) Here are a few things that I’ve had to opportunity to participate in so far:

1) ANF Nagakute: ANF Nagakute is the church where Lighthouse Community Church helped put on a week-long VBS last summer, and that is how I initially got connected with this church. The members of this church are incredibly hospitable, intentional  and love Jesus, and it’s been such a blessing for me to have the chance to reconnect with them again this month! I will be attending their church services and small groups during the majority of my Sundays here, as well as getting to spend time with the friends I met last summer (and new ones, too!) I’ll also be helping out with their children’s ministry for the next couple of Sundays!

2) Tutoring/ teaching: Twice a week, I’ve been tutoring 2 of the sweetest girls in reading, and twice a week I’ve also been teaching a group of preschool children at the apartment where we are staying. All of these children are missionary children, but they attend Japanese school (wow!), so our times are spent reinforcing skills in English. Spending time with these children as been a lot of fun, but it also reminds me of how their parents are all very intentional about integrating themselves into the Japanese community!

3) Photography: I love taking photos of families- capturing people on camera has been a passion of mine since elementary school, and I am so happy that I have the opportunity to use my love of photography here in Japan. I’ve been taking family photos of the long-term missionaries who serve on the CBI team, and those times have also been a means for me to get to know them and hear their stories of how and why they came to Japan!

Prayer Requests:
A lot has happened already, but a lot more is to come! I am so thankful for all of your notes, texts and prayers, and I know each day is an answer to your prayers. I would really appreciate your continued prayers, and here are some more specific requests that I have, now that I am here:

  • Rich, insightful and convicting times with the Lord IN THE MORNING: I’m actually really thankful for my jetlag, because its been causing me to wake up early so I can spend more time in the word and prayer. But as my jetlag wears off and I’m more and more tired, I’ve been waking up later, little by little. Please pray that I would protect those morning blocks of time with God.
  • Energy and loving others well: My schedule has been pretty busy, and  I’ve loved all the times I have been able to spend with people, but being an introvert, I feel a little energy-drained from all of the social interactions. Please pray that I would be able to love others well, no matter who I am with or how I might feel, and also for energy!
  • Rest: Please pray that I would rest in the Lord, as well as physically rest well when I can!
  • Relationships: Please pray that I would be able to continue building relationships, even for the short time I’m here.
  • (last but not least) Please pray for the Japanese; that their hearts would be moved by the gospel, and that they would see the hope they have in Christ!

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope you are all well and enjoying the starts of your summers!