Living in Light of Eternity (2 Corinthians 5:6-10)

Theme of 2 Corinthians: The paradox of Christian life and ministry is that to be faithful in affliction, you must find strength in weakness.

Key Idea: Being an ambassador for Christ means seeing and living life, in light of eternity.

1. Being an Ambassador for Christ is about seeing life in light of eternity (verses 6-8)

Faith is seeing the physical realities of life in light of the spiritual realities that really govern life.

a. Faith guards against letting physical appearances govern our lives
b. Faith allows us to see the spiritual realities that actually govern our lives

2. Being an Ambassador for Christ is about living life in light of eternity (verses 9-10)

a. What we do in life, matters in eternity
b. Earthly treasures do not last (and can even distract)
c. What matters is a life that “pleases the Lord”
d. Heavenly treasure, is worth our very lives

Application: Shepherd your kids in light of eternity.