Jesus Changes Marriage

Jesus Changes Everything
Part 7 – Jesus Changes Marriage: Forgiveness in Marriage (Matthew 18:21-35)

Key Idea: Marriages are transformed through Christ empowered and Christlike forgiveness.

I. A Q&A (21-22)

II. A King (23)

III. A Debt (24-26)

IV. A Payment (27)

V. An Unthinkable Act (28-31)

VI. A Rebuke (32-34)

VII. A Warning (35)

  • Forgiveness is at the very heart of what it means to be a Christian. Forgiveness is at the heart of our relationships. Especially forgiveness in marriage.
  • 6 popular myths that surround forgiveness:
    1. Apologizing is the same thing as asking for forgiveness
    2. Forgiveness is optional
    3. Forgiving means forgetting
    4. Forgiveness is the same thing as reconciliation
    5. Forgiveness erases consequences
    6. Forgiveness is a feeling or should be easy

Jesus changes marriage by both modeling for us what he calls us to do and giving us the power to do what we ought to do!

Walter Wanegrin Jr – When Christ is the single most solid reality upon which you stand; when in faith you find the source of your own life in him; when you yourself do dwell within his loving mercy and his forgiveness, then you are empowered to forgive your spouse, infinitely. Christ is the well from which to draw the water for your thirsty wife or husband. But this must be remembered: only as you know Jesus’ limitless forgiveness for you are you able limitlessly to share forgiveness with your spouse.