Faithfulness During Political Divisiveness (Matthew 22:14-22) – Part 2

Key idea – We live faithfully in politics by living faithfully for Christ

I. Live in Truth

II. Live out Love

III. Live with a Message

An ambassador is someone who lives in a foreign land but represents their own king.

Three ways to live with a message:

A. Gospel priority
B. “Convictional kindness”
C. Visible love

We demonstrate love by living out the good we hope the government promotes.

IV. Live by Faith

The solution to our anger, frustration, worry, concern, judgementalism, fears, etc., is making sure we are not making politics about the pursuit of false gods, but the worship of the one true God.

A. Make this election a demonstration of your pursuit of God, not your pursuit of gods
B. Make this election a demonstration of your faith in God not your faith in the government

Jonathan Leeman: “How Can I Live Church Members with Different Politics” and “How the Nations Rage: Rethinking Faith and Politics in a Divided Age”