Calling and Comfort (John 14:15-24)

1. Live for Christ by living with Christ

– The first Helper/Advocate/Counselor is Christ
– The second Helper/Advocate/Counselor is the Holy Spirit

– The role of the Holy Spirit (from Dr. Bruce Ware in Father, Son, & Holy Spirit):

– The Spirit Assists in Carrying out the Work of the Father

– Spirit works to glorify the Son
– Special revelation, inspired by the Spirit, Focuses on Christ
– Evangelism, empowered by the Spirit, proclaims the Gospel of Christ
– Regeneration, brought about by the Spirit, brings new life in Christ
-Sanctification, progressively achieved by the Spirit, makes us more and more like Christ

Practical application: to embrace the work of the Holy Spirit, focus on Christ through the truth of the Word.

2. Live for Christ by loving Christ

– To love Christ, we must obey his commandments
– To obey his commandments, we must love Christ

Beware of competing loves
Look at Christ through the Word
Remember your salvation (Luke 6:36-50)